The facts and non-facts surrounding "Andrew W.K." have been growing since he first "began".  In the space of a few years, "Andrew W.K." has managed to create a sort of omnipresence; saturating many avenues of exposure with an image both striking and intimate.  To those that know of him, their perception is often colored by mythic rumors of an unyeilding intensity, however there appears to be another side to this "high-energy act"..  Coupled with provocative and polarizing mainstream familiarity is an iconoclastic dedication to form – presented so with such subtlety that it can almost escape detection. “Andrew W.K.” cuts a very particular silhouette; going beyond music, and into a self-actualized, living event.  The sheer intensity of its identity comes from the ease with which it’s presented.  Presentation counts for a lot with “Andrew W.K.”  From what I've seen, the music and image of “Andrew W.K.” stem from a desire to be for the sake of being and nothing more.  The subtle display has developed from an obsession with imagination into a self centered power play.  The end result hasn't come yet - their still is "a pure and direct desire to instigate euphoria."  At the same time, elaborate efforts are made to counteract the appearance of these good-times.  At this point, one has to ask “do two positives make a negative”?  “Andrew W.K.” has said that his ultimate goal is to create nothing.  “Andrew W.K.” has often stated that he wears white clothes as the most basic statement of blankness - the absence of color.  His words are: “To present “something” is powerful, but to present “nothing” is EVERYTHING.”  As a result, some have positioned “Andrew W.K.” within a radical, avant-garde spectrum, although I personally find this unnecessary and redundant.  To say that “Andrew W.K.” is avant-garde is like describing a skyscraper as a “tall building”.  It’s an overstatement of the obvious – “sky scraper” is an elegant word designed specifically to communicate the idea of a “tall building”, and it communicates the idea on it’s “own terms”, by combining two romantic and lucid words into one “super-noun-adjective-verb” hybrid of it’s own creation.  The word “skyscraper” is the custom-crafted essence of “tall building” in the same way that “Andrew W.K.” is the conclusion of every edge being cut and crossed.  In fact, I personally feel that “Andrew W.K.” is the art of cutting an infinite amount of edges, in every direction, at all times, forever.  This is where I’ll begin.  While I'm choosing not to present a complete biography of "Andrew W.K.", I will refer to particular points that require some familiarity with the overall history of his existence.  Rather than present a simple time-line, I'm choosing to explain the legend of "Andrew W.K." as it directly relates to the focus of this website: “ANDREW W.K. & STEEV MIKE”.  I will now attempt to introduce the main ideas and themes we will exploring:

I first discovered the name “Steev Mike” from the credits on “I Get Wet” - the first “Andrew W.K.” album.  On the back of the tray-card appear the words: “Executive Producer: Steev Mike”.  The name struck me as unusual but also familiar; a guy with two first names.  I had heard of people with two last names like, but “Steev Mike” was an especially unusual combination of “normal” into “weird”.  The common-place quality of each name on it’s own actually becomes extraordinary when the names are coupled together.  So, the name made an impression but I did little to investigate further.  [I was absolutely enthralled and devastated by the music on “I Get Wet”.  To this day, both “I Get Wet” and “The Wolf” (the second “Andrew W.K.” album) remain my two favorite pieces of music ever.  I won’t focus completely on these albums, as much as I would like to, but I will refer heavily to them throughout this website.]  Back to my discovery of “Steev Mike”: All the information I had at this time (2001) was that a man existed named “Andrew W.K.” and that the executive producer of his first album was named “Steev Mike”.

I didn’t think about “Steev Mike” again, until almost 2 years later, when “The Wolf” was released.  I had just bought a copy and I was taking it home to hear for the first time.  I normally listen to music in my car, but I was waiting until I got home for the virgin listen – I wanted to completely fixate on the music, and I didn’t want to be distracted by driving.  I put the CD in my stereo and the rest was history.  Every feeling I had ever experienced while listening to “I Get Wet” was displayed in the first song alone (“Victory Strikes Again”).  I knew right then and there that “The Wolf” would be my favorite album of all time, and to this day it’s still my number one (well, tied for first with “I Get Wet”).  My level of admiration for Andrew W.K. skyrocketed in the coming months.  I read every interview I could find, watched his videos over and over, and listened to all the music 24/7.  Not once did I ever grow tired of any of it – in fact, my appreciate has only grown and grown.  Little did I know that I was only standing on the tip of the iceberg.  Now, back to Steev Mike…

About 6 months after “The Wolf” came out, I was in the midst of an absolute Andrew W.K. obsession.  It was all I could think about.  I would regularly bring up A.W.K. in conversation – the reactions were always incredibly passionate and always very mixed.  Some people loved him as much as I did, others thought it was the worst thing in the world.  I couldn’t believe how wide the range of opinion was.  Not many people were in the middle – it was a very polarizing topic.  Most of the people who didn’t like the music couldn’t explain why – they said it was “too weird” or “too intense”.  Sometimes I could see where they were coming from, but often I was left feeling frustrated by their lack of vision and imagination.  Yes, “Andrew W.K.” was unlike anything I had ever felt, and that’s why I loved it.  It seemed that most of these people would actually love A.W.K. if they would just let go of their discomfort.  They felt unsure about what it was.  They couldn’t find any way to figure it out.  In my opinion, that’s because Andrew W.K. its own thing.  It is what it is – and that’s one of my favorite parts about it.

During an especially heated discussion with one of my best friends we started talking about “Andrew W.K.’s” background.  My friend was mystified by A.W.K., and for some reason it upset her.  She would say “Where the hell did he come from?”  “Andrew W.K.’s” rise to television celebrity caught a lot of people off guard and raised many suspicions.  My friend was convinced that “Andrew W.K.” was created by a music corporation.  She thought that “Andrew W.K.” was hired to be the face of an anonymous, pre-fabricated music conglomerate.  She was very serious about this idea, and I forced her to explain herself time and time again, as I was furious at the idea that “Andrew W.K.” was not the one and only creator of the music.  I don’t know why it mattered so much to me, but I couldn’t help feeling my head-spin whenever I thought about “Andrew W.K.” being something different than I had already understood.  After talking with some other friends, and doing some research into past press, I found that many people shared these same suspicions.  I couldn’t believe it.  People actually thought “Andrew W.K.” was created by a corporation?  Not only that, people believed that “Andrew W.K.” was an actor hired to play the part of the singer and front-man.  This idea completely blew my mind.  Out of frustration and sheer curiosity, I dug deeper and began to get even more view points and opinions, all telling variations of the same story.  It seemed like the undeniable intensity of “Andrew W.K.’s” music and image had caught the entire world off-guard.  The sound and the look was overwhelming to me, and it seemed that other people felt the need to figure out what the hell was going on.  It was so striking that I thought there had to be something more than meets the eye.  Well, there certainly is…

The most common rumor and myth that I encountered while researching “Andrew W.K.’s” origin was that the actual creator and inventor of “Andrew W.K.” and all the music was a man named “Steev Mike”.  I immediately thought back to when I first saw the name “Steev Mike” credited as Executive Producer on “I Get Wet”.  I searched through the rest of the album liner notes, and I looked through the booklet from “The Wolf”, but I couldn’t find any further mention of “Steev Mike”, or anything remotely related.  After searching the internet I found several different websites with bits and pieces of info on “Steev Mike”.  Many of the websites simply mentioned the name “Steev Mike” as a producer, but some sites had him listed as a songwriter.  I also found several articles coming to the conclusion that “Andrew W.K.” was “Steev Mike”, or that the name was simply an alias.  This idea was initially confirmed by two interviews in which “Andrew W.K.” himself explained that he and Steev Mike were the same person.  However, other articles and interviews contradict this statement.  It’s unclear why “Andrew W.K.” ever claimed to use the name “Steev Mike”.  The most interesting press I found was an older article from the British cutting-edge magazine “Dazed And Confused”.  They had a full page photo of “Andrew W.K.” and a feature article introducing him as “Steev Mike”.  In fact, the title of the article was “Steev Mike”, and it was written as though that was the name of the singer in the story – they never clearly mentioned “Andrew W.K.” as even being the name of the music.  I’ve still not been able to figure this article out, and I’ve been unable to locate an original printing of the issue. 

In 2006, ANDREW W.K. released the album "Close Calls With Brick Walls".  So far, this album has been only released in Asia, but I was able to order several different import copies, including a Korean version of the album which featured bonus tracks.  I won't go into a formal album review here, but I will mention that "Steev Mike" was credited as Executive Producer on the album, which pretty much blew my mind, as this confirmed several different aspects of my previous theories (see below), and brought them up to date as a result.  In the immediate after math of the original "Steev Mike" events starting in 2004, all the official Andrew W.K. websites had been taken down or entirely disabled.  This was most likely due to the overwhelming devestation of the hacking which went on for nearly all of 2005.  For better or worse, most of the online sites have dissappeared, and now appear to no longer belong to anyone related to ANDREW W.K., 'Andrew W.K.", or "Steev Mike".  A new official website for ANDREW W.K. went up, which replaced the previously hacking-corrupted site,  The new site more or less picks up where awkworld left off, and the new site claims an archive site will also be launched.  I took some images from the new (including the album cover images from "Close Calls With Brick Walls") for this site.  I would like to state that my interest in A.W.K. has only deepened since the release of "Close Calls With Brick Walls", and the continuation of ANDREW W.K. is only confirming why I became an interested fan in the first place.  From what we had seen earlier, "Steev Mike" was to be brought back in for producer duties after the supposed blackmailing during The Wolf.  Whether or not this confirms that the blackmailing was successful, I can't say for sure, but it certainly confirms the legitimacy of several threats made during the initial controversey.

After these confusing weeks of searching, I was left with a pile of legends and myths.  I wasn’t sure where to start and what leads to follow.  My impression was that “Steev Mike” was as much a mystery as “Andrew W.K.”, but with even less information available on the subject I wondered where to turn.  I decided to simplify all the details by listing the main possibilities of who “Steev Mike” could be: 

-The most widely shared theory is that “Steev Mike” is the inventor of “Andrew W.K.”.  Most people assume this means that “Steev Mike” wrote all the music and invented the mannerisms, movements, image, style, and presentation of everything “Andrew W.K.”.  At one point there was a strong rumor that “Steev Mike” was actually a false name for the successful hit songwriter, Diane Warren.  After this rumor surfaced, several pictures of “Andrew W.K.” posing with Diane Warren appeared on various “Andrew W.K.” fan-sites and message boards [See Figures 1A, 1B] [*NOTE: several readers have commented that they believe the "Diane Warren" photos are fake - they very well could be, but I still felt it was important to post them so that people could make their own judgements].  There’s never been any confirmation that Diane Warren is “Steev Mike” or that Diane Warren has any direct connection to “Andrew W.K.”, however, the pictures provide the undeniable possibility.  Ultimately, it makes sense that the name “Steev Mike” could be the alias of a successful songwriter or producer.  Again, the main point of this theory is that “Andrew W.K.” did not invent himself, but rather “Steev Mike” quietly masterminded the entire idea, and took a low-profile backseat, while the ‘designer front-man’ took to the stage and spotlight.       

-There is also the possibility that “Steev Mike” is a group of people, all sharing one fictional name.  This could be a corporation or a company who designed “Andrew W.K.” together, as a team.  Production companies sometimes form bands or invent performers to sing their songs.  They audition different singers and actors to fill the roles they’ve created.  “Andrew W.K. Inc.” owns and operates a company called “The Louise Harland Corporation”.  It is thought that this company could be the inventor and true controller of “Andrew W.K.” 

-It’s also possible that “Andrew W.K.” simply is “Steev Mike” and vise versa.  Or it could be that “Andrew W.K.” uses the name “Steev Mike” as his own alias.  However, it’s unclear why anyone would do this, as it doesn’t appear to serve any beneficial purpose.  I believe that when “Andrew W.K.” has said that he’s “Steev Mike” in interviews, it was done to distract and confuse people from more complicated truths.  “Andrew W.K.” has more recently said that he’s not “Steev Mike”, and contradicted several previous statements – it’s impossible to know which story to believe but one of them has to be true.  As a result, rumors developed that “Andrew W.K.” has a split personality or some sort of mental disorder, however there is nothing to confirm this, and it doesn’t appear to be a logical explanation for other questions raised by the existence of “Steev Mike”.

I believe that “Steev Mike” is a real person, and I tend to side with those that think he’s somehow involved in the creation of “Andrew W.K.”.  Whether or not “Steev Mike” invented the “Andrew W.K.” music and style is unclear, but it remains a strong possibility and it does logically explain many of the related events we'll be discussing.

In the larger picture, I believe the concepts I'm struggling to grasp actually consume themselves in a series of levels.  There will be one level, which will facilitate all that is below it - however, I don't like to think of the levels as "higher" and "lower".  For better or worse, these levels are not organized that simply.  While it may appear that one level is 'above' another, it infact might be parallel to an additional level, and all of those levels may be a mirror image of an entirely different set of levels.  To be clear, when I use the word 'level', I mean it is a location marker within a chain of related elements.  In the case of "Andrew W.K." and "Steev Mike", we have a set of levels which encircle all the elements of their existence, and as a result, they color the entire substance of "Andrew W.K.", and all the related levels within.  In that way, a factual history or time-line would provide less foundation than the ideas themselves.  Once again, this is why I’ve chosen to follow the less linear path of description. "Andrew W.K." himself has made great efforts to eliminate the importance of origin.  The entire aesthetic of "Andrew W.K." seems to stem from this same overtone and it affects all the actions and events in turn.  Therefore, history itself is a product of this overtone, rather than the other way around.  However, this brings us to our first paradox: "which came first?  The 'idea' or the 'actions' which resulted in the 'idea'?"  Did the idea of “Andrew W.K.” come before the idea “Steev Mike”?  Did “Andrew W.K.” invent “Steev Mike” just as an alias?  Or did “Steev Mike” invent the idea of “Andrew W.K.” and use an alias to hide their true identity?  Was ALL of this one big idea with many levels?  Let’s talk about the nature of ‘idea’ versus ‘action’.

Many would assume that 'action' naturally precedes an 'idea' because the 'actions' provide the conditions in which an 'idea' takes shape.  But what about the 'ideas' which were in place before those 'actions'?  What 'ideas' and thoughts led to the 'actions' which provided for further ‘ideas’, which then inspired further 'actions'?  A person can follow this paradox, step by step, throughout the life of an individual, all the way to the moment of their birth, and even further back to their first conscious thought [Note: my exploration of life and conscious thought is NOT an attempt to identify the moment when life begins, ethically speaking].  One could argue that birth is the first real human 'action', and that this ‘action’ sets the stage for the almost infinite chain of 'actions' and 'ideas' to follow.  One could also argue that the moment a human mind becomes alive and is able to realize it's own existence - even in the most primitive mental conditions provided in the womb - that this constitutes the first 'idea', and thus, all 'actions' following are a result of this awakening of the mind.  The ultimate paradox arises when you debate whether an 'idea' itself is actually just another form of 'action', or the opposite, in which 'action' of anykind requires the constant process of millions of 'ideas' and 'thoughts', both large and small.  If the act of thinking can be considered an 'action', which by all practical accounts it is (in that it involves a series of chemical reactions and physical energy), then the difference between 'idea' and 'action' becomes even harder to clarify.  To live ones life is the constant acting out of an endless stream of thought.  I hope I made my point here, and while this is a very interesting line of thought in itself, I fear that further 'action' commited to this 'idea' will take us too far away from our main point.  Still, it's important to approach the upcoming themes with this tone and this 'idea' versus 'action' debate.  Keep this level of paradox in mind.  For our purposes here, we will say that the 'idea' came first, and if you prefer, you can think of that 'idea' as an 'action'.  Either way, the results are the same and the important impression to keep stamped on our minds is the idea of levels: Levels of 'ideas' and 'actions', stacking upon each other and dictating to one another.  Thinking and re-thinking; statement and contradiction. Onward...

In this section I’d like to introduce and define some of the key people and events that figure into the larger picture:

-“Andrew W.K.” – “Andrew W.K.” in lowercase letters and framed by quotes indicates the person we know as ANDREW W.K., meaning the face on the cover the albums and in photos, the perfomer we see in the music videos and on T.V. and the man we are supposed to believe is the creator of all the ANDREW W.K. music.  When I write ANDREW W.K. in all caps, without quotes, I’m trying to signify the idea of ANDREW W.K. – that is, the overall existence of everything we know as ANDREW W.K. combined together.  I put it in caps to separate it from the idea of Andrew W.K. “the person”, who I will sometimes refer to as “Andrew Wilkes-Krier”.  Since it’s not known exactly who “Andrew W.K. the person” is, I have to use the quotes to leave open the possibility that “Andrew W.K.” is not actually “Andrew Wilkes-Krier”, and to make it clear that I’m only making reference to the image we’ve been presented with.  “Andrew W.K.” as we know it, is 25 years old (as of March 2005), although others have thought him to be as much as 10 years older.  The majority of mainstream press and media would have us believe that “Andrew Wilkes-Krier” is the creator of “Andrew W.K.” music, but again, this has not been proven, and there are many who disagree, so I’ll stick with my quotes. 

-"Steev Mike" - I refer to Steev Mike in quotes when it's the idea of the person who possibly invented ANDREW W.K.  I refer to Steev Mike without quotes when referring to the person actually credited on the albums, "I Get Wet" and "Close Calls With Brick Walls".  In other words, when the identity of Steev Mike is in question, I will use quotations around the name.

-“Andrew Wilkes-Krier” – It’s believed that “Andrew Wilkes-Krier” is the true name of “Andrew W.K.” and that “Andrew Wilkes-Krier” is the inventor of all the ANDREW W.K. music and image.  The “W.K.” is said to stand for “Wilkes-Krier”, which of course makes sense logically, but it’s unknown if “Andrew Wilkes-Krier” is the original name that ANDREW W.K. is formed from, or if it’s the other way around.  It could be that “Andrew Wilkes-Krier” was a name created to explain the “W.K.” initials in the ANDREW W.K. brand-name.  A common belief is that “Andrew Wilkes-Krier” is the name of an actor hired to live his life as the ANDREW W.K. persona; to become “Andrew W.K.”  During the initial ANDREW W.K. media-blitz, many different explanations were given for the initials “W.K.” – the most common one being “Who Knows?”  Question: “What does the ‘W.K.’ in ‘Andrew W.K.’ stand for?”  Answer: “Who Knows?”  Other words such as “Wild Kid” and “White Killer” were also rumored to explain the letters.  At this point it’s not entirely clear if “Andrew Wilkes-Krier” created the name “Andrew W.K.” or if in fact, the name “Andrew Wilkes-Krier” was invented after the fact.  It's quite possible that the last name "Wilkes-Krier" was invented to give realistic meaning to the initials "W.K.".

-Kristine Williams – Kristine Williams is most commonly thought to be the name of a woman heavily involved in the day to day operations of ANDREW W.K.  Her name first appeared on the “I Get Wet” album, where she’s given credit as “K. Williams – Art Direction”.  It’s not clear exactly what “Art Direction” means, as there are several other people given credit for photography and design.  “K. Williams” again gets credit for the “Art Direction” on “The Wolf”.  It’s hard to make sense out of the credits on both albums due to the sheer number of people and places involved.  The production process appears to require the input and labor of dozens of individuals and it gives clear indication to the complexity of the larger ANDREW W.K. organization.  Kristine Williams name began appearing on official ANDREW W.K. websites like ‘’ and ‘’.  It seemed as though Kristine Williams was in charge of the day to day operation of the websites.  However, it was rare that one would ever see her name written anywhere.  It’s believed that she’s deeply involved with the group of people who control and create ANDREW W.K. and “Andrew W.K.”  When it was revealed that Kristine Williams was operating the ANDREW W.K. websites, many people believed that she may also be writing as “Andrew W.K.”  There’s a great deal of personal writing posted on both ‘’ and ‘’, including hundreds and hundreds of fan-questions sent in for “Andrew W.K.” to answer.  The “Q&A” as it’s known, consists of questions supposedly answered by “Andrew W.K.” – the sheer volume of these answers points to the likely possibility that someone else is doing the writing.  Whether or not it’s Kristine Williams is unclear.  In early 2005, Kristine Williams made a wave of public appearances on both ‘’ and ‘’.  She was given the task of “keeping things calm” during a particularly strange series of events, which we’ll cover later.

-ANDREW W.K., Inc. – This appears to be the main ANDREW W.K. company.  It's sometimes referred to as a corporation - the size of this group is unclear, but it seems that they're master controllers for all things ANDREW W.K.  It's also known that the business management company "Padell, Nadell, Fine, Weinberger & Co." (also referred to as "PNFW") operates and manages ANDREW W.K., Inc.  I personally believe that ANDREW W.K., Inc. is a group of people who make decisions affecting the presentation and direction of ANDREW W.K.  It's unclear whether or not "Andrew W.K." has any direct involvement in setting the course of the company, aside from working with them on the how to present the ideas.  I think it's quite possible that "Andrew W.K." simply follows the orders given to him by ANDREW W.K., Inc.  This company appears to have been in place since the very first ANDREW W.K. music was ever released, and since the first use of the ANDREW W.K. image.

-The Louise Harland Corporation –  From what I can gather, this company is owned and controlled by ANDREW W.K., Inc.  Several reoccuring names often found in the ANDREW W.K. legend appear listed in the  "Employee Directory", the most notable being, Kristine Williams and Mario Dane [see below].  This company appears to be in charge of all the ANDREW W.K. media exposure, including websites.  During the wave of multiple websites which began appearing in early 2005, this company and it's employees (including Kristine Williams) were instrumental in trying to maintain order and control of the chaos.  It's also known that PNFW manages and operates this company.  Researching their website is helpful, but it's also very frustrating - the website was not designed for public use, so naturally only people from within the company can fully understand it.  Still, it gives many pieces of important information.  Including their street address: 156 West 56th Street, 4th Floor, NY NY 10019.  There have been stories of several ANDREW W.K. fans going to this address looking for information.  I imagine it would be very difficult to get access to the company without some sort of appointment.  

-Andrew W.K. Music, Inc. – On all of ANDREW W.K.'s releases, the song writing and publishing are credits are given to "Andrew W.K. Music, Inc."  In addition, the albums "I Get Wet" and "The Wolf" also give publishing credit to "Universal Music Publishing".  "Andrew W.K. Music, Inc." is registered with BMI.  [BMI is an American performing rights organization that represents more than 300,000 songwriters, composers and music publishers in all genres of music.]  "Andrew W.K. Music, Inc." is owned by ANDREW W.K., Inc. and "Andrew W.K. Music, Inc." is operated and managed by "PNFW".  I also believe that "Andrew W.K. Music, Inc." was designed by the main song-writer and producer of all the ANDREW W.K. songs, whoever that may be.  As previously discussed, the songwriting could be done by one individual, or it could be a group.  The album credits on both "I Get Wet" and "The Wolf" state that all the music is by "Andrew W.K."  Whether this means "Andrew W.K. the person" or "Andrew W.K. the company" is unclear.  Of course, the possibility of additional songwriters remains, as well as the possibility that "Steev Mike" is the cheif songwriter.  Either way, every ANDREW W.K. release I've ever seen has made refernce to "Andrew W.K. Music, Inc." - this includes the early "Party Til You Puke" and "GOJ" EPs.    

-Padell, Nadell, Fine, Weinberger & Co. – Also known as "PNFW", this large accounting firm operates and manages all of the major ANDREW W.K. related companies, including: "ANDREW W.K., Inc.", "The Louise Harland Corporation", and "Andrew W.K. Music, Inc."  PNFW has their offices located at the same 156 West 56th Street, NY NY 10019 address that's also home to "The Louise Harland Corp."  It's unclear whether the PNFW offices contain Louise Harland, or if they're simply located within the same building.  The building at 156 West 56th Street is also known as the "CitySpire" building.  It's a prime Manhattan office skyscraper, and it must house hundreds of different companies.  One of the presidents and founders of PNFW is a man named Bert Padell.  The last name "Padell" is also seen in the "Employee Directory for Louise Harland.  "Scott Padell" is listed as "Accounts Manager" - the similariy to their last names could just be coincidence, but from what I can tell, Scott Padell is in someway related to Bert Padell, which confirms the connections between "PNFW", "Louise Harland" and other ANDREW W.K. companies.  It should also be noted that PNFW is a very sucessful company, with an impressive lists of clients, ranging from Britney Spears and Madonna, to Robert DeNiro and Peter Max.

-R.C.U. Audio, Intl. – If you look at the "I Get Wet" and "The Wolf" album liner notes, you'll see the credits: "Produced by Andrew W.K. [and] Mario Dane for R.C.U. Audio, Intl.".  R.C.U. Audio Intl. is also credited for various Andrew W.K. photographs [click on the link and look at the bottom of the page].  R.C.U. Audio Intl. is usually given music production credit along side of Andrew W.K., which may imply that R.C.U. Audio Intl. is the Andrew W.K. production company.  The name "Mario Dane" is also commonly listed as a producer for R.C.U. Audio Intl. [see below].  This company may be owned and operated by Louise Harland Corporation to handle the music development for ANDREW W.K.

-Mario Dane –  As stated above, Mario Dane is listed as a producer on the back of "I Get Wet".  He's also listed again on the inside credits.  I was amazed to later find Mario Dane credited with "Production" and "Design Management" within Louise Harland.  Mario Dane is mysteriously left off of the album credits for "The Wolf".  The only other prominent person to be missing from "The Wolf" other than Mario Dane is Steev Mike.  I find this to be a very significant fact.  This could mean that Mario Dane and Steev Mike are connected.  It's no secret that Steev Mike's involvement on "The Wolf" was controversial - the fact that he was left uncredited on the album, along with Mario Dane, indicates some sort of conflict.  There is the possibility that Mario Dane IS Steev Mike, but I find this far fetched, considering they were both credited seperately on "I Get Wet".  I really wonder what Mario Dane actually does with his "Production"?  Does he work on the recordings?  Does he work on the music and song writing?  As we often experience, the vague terminology makes if very difficult to pin-point who does what.    

-Frank Vierti – I first saw this name listed on the liner notes for the "Party Til You Puke" EP.  In fact, Frank Vierti is listed several times of the "Party Til You Puke" EP: he's listed as a producer and also as an engineer - this time with the nickname "Fastfood" Frank Vierti.  On the "I Get Wet" album credits, Frank Vierti is listed as a keyboard player but he's mysteriously absent on "The Wolf" album.  Again, this seems to be related to the absense of three prominent producers from previous ANDREW W.K. releases: Steev Mike, Mario Dane, and Frank Vierti do not show up on "The Wolf" anywhere.  I believe that these three men make up the center of the ANDREW W.K. creative production team and I believe they are responsible for creating the sound and image that we know as "Andrew W.K.".  I also believe that they were absolutely working on "The Wolf" and my guess is that their involvement was just as heavy as the "I Get Wet" recordings.  I believe that something happened during the making and release of "The Wolf" that caused their names to be omitted. 

-Nicole Kidman – It's believed that "Andrew W.K." or the organization ANDREW W.K. has had some sort of involvement with Nicole Kidman [see Figure 11].  Images of Nicole Kidman were found on several ANDREW W.K. related websites [more later] and her name appeared in code in several of the coded messages appearing on other various websites.  One website in particular spelled out a Beverly Hills address which corresponded to the address of "CAA - Creative Artists Agency".  CAA is the largest agency for Hollywood actors and entertainers.  CAA, which represents, among others, Tom Cruise [see below], Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Nicole Kidman, has by far the best actors' list.  You'll remember that CAA is also listed as the agency which represents "Andrew Wilkes-Krier" as an actor.  I'll talk about Nicole Kidman's involvement in the following chapters.

-Tom Cruise – The rumors connecting Tom Cruise to the Steev Mike theories are shakey at best.  There's been a long-running legend that "Andrew W.K." is actually Tom Cruise.  I find this idea ridiculous.  Simply because there's a possibility of "Andrew W.K." being a hired actor, some have jumped to the conclusion that it's a Hollywood superstar like Tom Cruise.  While I find the idea absurd, many people take it quite seriously.  Tom Cruise does bear a striking resemblence to "Andrew W.K.", especially in their more recent respective appearance, but I think their facial features are actually quite different.  Plus, "Andrew W.K." appears to be much taller than Tom Cruise, however many believers of this theory point out that they've never seen Tom Cruise and "Andrew W.K." in the same room together, which they state as evidence of the possibility that they're the same person.  Conveniently for them, it also makes it impossible to compare their height.  Believers of this theory also bring up the Nicole Kidman connection.  While this connection is undeniable, it doesn't seem to factor Tom Cruise into the actual events. 
Another possibility is that "Andrew W.K." believes that he IS Tom Cruise, or that he wants to become him, or recreate his existence.  There are several photographs [see Figure 7] in which someone has replaced Tom Cruise with "Andrew W.K." - in fact, some of the pictures look so much like Tom Cruise, that it's difficult to tell if it was indeed Tom Cruise or "Andrew W.K."  The possibility of "Andrew W.K." having some sort of delusion in which he believes himself to be Tom Cruise is very slight, but it still remains a possibilty and I've taken it seriously, which is why I'm presenting it here.  It's also true that "Andrew W.K." has been romantically involved with women who bear a striking resemblance to Nicole Kidman [see Figure 8] - whether this is significant is uknown, but it is a fact.  There was also a quote in PLAYBOY Magazine 2004, in which "Andrew W.K." stated that his favorite PLAYBOY PLAYMATE was "Heather Carolin", explaining that she "looked like Nicole Kidman" [see Figure 9]. There is the possibility that Louise Harland Corporation, Steev Mike, or some other entity could've arranged romances in an attempt to simulate the Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman relationship.  "Andrew W.K." may have been presented with a pre-fabricated girlfriend to help continue the delusion that he was Tom Cruise - or to present that idea to the general public. 
All of this sounds very far-fetched to me, but it's not outside the realm of possibilty, especially considering that many believe Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman had arranged their romance to benefit their Hollywood media exposure.  It's possible that ANDREW W.K., Inc. or whichever comapny was exerting creative control, was simulating the Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman romance so accurately, that they arranged their own "fake romance" to recreate everything, right down to the most literal detail.  It's an interesting possibility, no matter how outlandish it may appear, and many of the related pieces point towards this conclusion, but again there is nothing that proves this theory... so a theory it remains.  

-Guardian Sound / Heaven Studios – These two recording studios appear listed on the credits of the "Party Til You Puke" EP as well as both "I Get Wet" and "The Wolf".  The only release I can find that conflicts with this information is the "GOJ" EP, which credits "K.J. Studios NYC".  It appears that Guardian Sound Heaven Studios is also located in New York City, although the "Party Til You Puke" EP and "I Get Wet" both list Guardian Sound as being located in L.A.  It appears that by the time "The Wolf" was recorded, the two studios had merged and set up a permanent location in New York, using the combined name.  I believe that this studio is most likely operated by Mario Dane, Frank Vierti, and possibly Steev Mike.  Whether the Louise Harland Corporation is involved directly with the studio, I don't know.  It could be independantly owned and operated, but my hunch is that Guardian Sound Heaven Studios is owned and operated by R.C.U. Audio Intl. 

-Mountain Dew / Sierra Mist – In many of the Steev Mike images there are references to both the Mountain Dew and Sierra Mist softdrinks [see Figures 5, 4].  These products are similar in taste and image and they would appear to be competitors on the marketplace, each trying to knock the other down. However both products are manufactured and marketed by PepsiCo.  It's believed that PepsiCo may have been involved in the placement of their products within the Steev Mike imagery.  One theory suggests that all the Steev Mike events were orchestrated by PepsiCo as part of a subliminal advertising campaign.  It most of the Steev Mike images, Sierra Mist is crossed out or made to look inferior.  The significance of this is unknown, however I believe that the Mountain Dew vs. Sierra Mist images make self-reference on a grand scale.  In most of the Steev Mike imagery, there is a darkened, "Black" version of "Andrew W.K.", in which his trademark white t-shirt and jeans have been reversed to black.  This black vs. white is perfectly in line with another recent PepsiCo Mountain Dew advertising campaign which involved the MAD Magazine characters from "Spy vs. Spy".  There were several references made to "Spy vs. Spy" in different Steev Mike images (more later).  I believe that the "White Andrew W.K." vs. the "Black Andrew W.K." somehow ties into the Spy vs. Spy theme.  On an even higher level, we can see how the actual competition between Spy vs. Spy can mirror the competition between "White Andrew W.K." and "Black Andrew W.K.".  Even beyond that, we can see that both sets of competing ememies are controlled by one larger company (an even higher level): "Spy vs. Spy" are created and controlled by Mountain Dew and MAD Magazine, and bothe the "White Andrew W.K." and the "Black Andrew W.K." are controlled by the one person (or group) responsible for creating the image.  Finally, on an even higher level above that, we can see how the "simulated competition" between Moutain Dew vs. Sierra Mist is created by their owner, PepsiCo.  This is a perfect display of the "levels" I was discussing earlier.       

As we’ve already seen, the origin of “Steev Mike” appears to date back to the very beginning of ANDREW W.K. in 1999-2000.  However, the order of the events we’re going to list here begin around November 2004.  I don’t have the exact dates, but I am confident that these events occurred roughly in the following order:

-Strange coded messages begin to appear of and  The code is a series of numbers and symbols in parenthesis.  The code had several levels of complexity (again, ‘levels’) and it required the reader to take each number to match it to a corresponding letter in the alphabet.  For example: A=1, B=2, C=3 and so on.  So, a simple message would read: (19)(20)(5)(5)(22)-(13)(9)(11)(5), which translates into “Steev Mike”.  The two number (5)’s next to each other (“55”) was seen again and again in many different pieces of code.  Sometimes the code involved several levels of deciphering, meaning that rather than numbers spelling out words, sometimes the numbers would spell out the written words for other numbers.  For example: “(14)(9)(14)(5)(20)(5)(5)(14)-(20)(23)(5)(14)(20)(25)-(6)(9)(22)(5)-(6)(9)(22)(5)-(20)(23)(5)(14)(20)(25)-(20)(23)(15)---(20)(8)(9)(18)(20)(5)(5)(14)-(14)(9)(14)(5)-(5)(12)(5)(22)(5)(14)-(6)(9)(22)(5)” spells out the words: “nineteen twenty five five twenty two - thirteen nine eleven five”, which equals: “(19)(20)(5)(5)(22)-(13)(9)(11)(5)”, which equals: “STEEV MIKE”.  This code may seem confusing at first, but it’s easy to work with once you get the hang of it.  Some ANDREW W.K. fan even made an online “Steev Mike” traslator, which is incredibly helpful for the long codes: "STEEV MIKE CODE TRANSLATOR".  One of the first coded messages to appear on spelled out: “NOW ITS TIME FOR STEEV MIKE ...AND THEN HE LEFT.”  This was immediately confusing, as it was more or less the first time Steev Mike had been mentioned by an official ANDREW W.K. source since “I Get Wet”.  Instantly people were confused by the code, the words in the message, and the empty strange tone it was written in.  “Andrew W.K.” has always been known for his extremely upbeat and positive personality.  This first message, and many of the messages to follow, displayed a harsh and sometimes unfriendly voice – much different from the “Andrew W.K.” everyone knew and loved.  The contrast was undeniable and lead many to the conclusion that the messages were the work of an imposter or a computer hacker.  Someone had hacked into the ANDREW W.K. website and was posting fake messages.  Another coded message spelled out the words: “WHO KNOWS” and others translated into:


As the coded messages continued to roll in, it became clear that someone was trying to explain a complicated idea through a series of clues and cryptic messages.  One day a code appeared instructing the reader to “GO TO BLOWYOURBONE”.  “Blow Your Bone” was rumored to have been the original title to ANDREW W.K.’s second album, “The Wolf”.  There had never been a “Blow Your Bone” before, and as far as anyone knows, it only appeared at the time of the coded messages.  BlowYourBone was only the first of an almost endless maze, all linking together and mirroring eachother in a dizzying and overlapping loop.  The websites appeared as follows [check for an archive of the some of the various sites - NOTE: The "dudeguy" site is an archive of the original html sites.  As far as I know, it's not associated with any of the official ANDREW W.K. websites - it's a fansite.  It's also important to remember that the archived websites may have been changed or altered since their original posting on the world-wide-web.  Keep in mind that you're looking at an archived version, and not the original.  Almost all of the original ANDREW W.K. websites that were involved in the Steev Mike events have been taken down or stripped of their content to only read "ERROR" or "ACCESS DENIED" - although some websites seem to exist in some version of their original form.  The problem now is that it's impossible to tell what exists and what doesn't.  Or what DID exist and now does not. To visit the original pages, simply open a new browser windor and type in the web address - the website names linked below will take you to the "dudeguy" fansite archive.]:

-WeWantFun – This had existed long before “BlowYourBone” but it played an important early part in the introduction of the ever unfolding series of layers.  WeWantFun had been around for several years, and it seems to have always been operated by ANDREW W.K. in some capacity.  It was primarily used to post live concert photographs and fan photographs relating to ANDREW W.K., including the A.W.K.’s now famous “Tribute Pictures” that were made especially for “Andrew W.K.’s” biggest fans.  One day all the pictures and information on WeWantFun vanished, and in it’s place was a strange blue photo called “Farewell” [see Figure 2].  The photo showed a zombie-like “Andrew W.K.” with a hole in his head.  The hole was positioned in a place on “Andrew’s” forehead where he often displayed a bloody open wounds.  Through the hole in his head there ran a long flat shape.  The meaning of the photo is unclear, but to me it represents some kind of darker truths as to who “Andrew W.K.” really is.

-BlowYourBone - Featured a large and complicated black and white graphic, involving many smaller photographs [see Figure 3] – the entire image showed similarities to the “Farwell” picture on WeWantFun.  It also had a great deal of coded messages.  Remember to use the "STEEV MIKE CODE TRANSLATOR" if you need help deciphering:

“(14)(15)(25), (20)(15) (20)(18)(21)(12)(25) (2)(5)(7)(9)(14): (5)(22)(5)(18)(25)(20)(8)(9)(14)(7)'(19) (3)(8)(1)(14)(7)(5)(4). (6)(1)(3)(20)(19):

ONE: (14)(15)(20) (15)(14)(12)(25) (1)(13) (1) (15).(11)., (9)'(22)(5) (14)(5)(22)(5)(18) (6)(5)(12)(20) (2)(5)(20)(20)(5)(18).

TWO: (exclamation) (asterix pound)(leftparantheses)(exclamation asterix)(exclamation asterix) (exclamation dollar)(percentage)(asterix
asterix)(percent) (exclamation asterix)(percent)(asterix rightparantheses) (dollar)(exclamation percent)(asterix dollar)(exclamation

THREE: (16)(12)(5)(1)(19)(5) (5)(24)(16)(5)(18)(9)(5)(14)(3)(5) (19)(5)(14)(19)(1)(20)(9)(15)(14)(19) (9)(4)(5)(14)(20)(9)(3)(12)(5)
(20)(15) (20)(8)(5) (1)(14)(20)(9)(20)(8)(5)(19)(9)(19) (15)(6) (6)(5)(1)(18).  (9)'(22)(5) (2)(5)(7)(21)(14) (20)(8)(5) (19)(25)(14)
(20)(8)(5)(19)(9)(19) (15)(6) (25)(15)(21)(18) (6)(1)(14)(20)(1)(19)(9)(5)(19) (25)(5)(20) (21)(14)(4)(18)(5)(1)(13)(20).

FOUR: (15,14,5)(20,23,5,12,22,5)(20,23,5,12,22,5) // (20,8,9,18,20,5,5,14)(20,23,5,14,20,25,6,9,22,5) // (20,23,5,14,20,25)
(14,9,14,5)(20,8,9,18,20,5,5,14)(5,9,22,5) // (14,9,14,5)(14,9,14,5,20,5,5,14) // (14,9,14,5,20,5,5,14)(19,9,24,20,5,5,14)
(6,15,21,18,20,5,5,14)(20,2,5,14,20,25) // (20,23,5,14,20,25,20,8,18,5,5)(14,9,14,5)(20,23,5,14,20,25)(5,9,7,8,20) //
(20,8,9,18,20,5,5,14)(20,23,5,14,20,25,15,14,5)(14,9,14,5,20,5,5,14)(14,9,14,5)(20,8,18,5,5) // (6,15,21,18,20,5,5,14)



The period at the end of “ALWAYS.” provided a link to another website called  As well, if you clicked on the large black and white picture at the top of you would link to a site called   After gathering a variety of different translations (except for "TWO"), I can present the following:



TWO: ??? [this is a complicated code using the "SHIFT" key.  I've still been unable to find the solution.]




6: [This was in Dutch, I discovered] :"YOU ARE ABLE SEE ME JUST AS OFTEN SUCH AS YOU TO IT ARE USED."  [I feel that this is a sloppy translation.  I'm guessing there's a more appropriate grammar.]

-ExtreemViolence – This featured more code.  In fact, this was the first website without a major graphic or photograph.  The code more or less read:
"// nineteen - twenty - three - // eight - nine - twenty - five".  The archive of this page at the "dudeguy" site

-AbandonAllReason – This displayed a symmetrical picture of two hands holding "Mountain Dew" and "Sierra Mist" cans respectively [see Figure 4].  Below the picture was the code: (14)(5)(7)(1)(20)(9)(22)(5).  To the right of that was another longer piece of code: (15)(14)(5)(16)(9)(5)(3)(5)..(13)(9)(19)(19)(9)(14)(7) (6)(18)(15)(13) (2).  The two periods separating the “(5) and the (13)” linked to: SteveMike

-SteveMike – First notice the spelling of "Steve Mike" - it's not the intentionally mispelled "Steev Mike" but rather, the double 'E' is split by the letter "V" (more on this later).  The site's main graphic is a very complicated and detailed photo-collage, featuring many different elements [see Figure 5].

-AndrewKW -  Here we see another rearrangement of letters - this time the "W.K." have been reversed to spell "ANDREW K.W."  A striking picture is in the center of the website and shows "Andrew W.K." focusing in on his image in front of a mirror [see Figure 12] - this is a film-still taken from the "Party Hard" music video.  However, rather than it being a perfect reflection, his t-shirt has changed from WHITE to BLACK, just as we had seen in [Figure 5].  The "K.W." initials have lead some to speculate that "K.W." stands for "Kristine Williams", but this might just be a coincidence.  In the mirror's reflection, one can also see a bloody gash in "Andrew's" forehead, indenticle to gashes seen in [Figure 3] and in many other "Andrew W.K." photographs [see Figures 13, 14, 15, 16].  "Andrew W.K." has sported this bloody cut in dozens of photos and T.V. appearances.  I've never been able to find an interview where anyone talks about this phenomenon, but it's clearly significant to both "Andrew W.K." and the Steev Mike events. 

-ExtremeViolence - Unfortunately, most of the original elements of the "" website have been destroyed.  The archive at "dudeguy" appears incomplete.  However, we can see how another alternate spelling is used to contrast the "EE" or "55" "".  This is similar to the "correct" spelling of "SteveMike" and the backwards spelling of "AndrewKW".  On this site we also see the phrase "Dedicated To War And Peace".  It's unclear what this means, but I have a feeling it's pointing out the love of contrast and contradiction - two ends of the spectrum: "War" and "Peace"; "BLACK" and "WHITE".  I hope to track down the original "ExtremeViolence" graphics. 

-SteevMike -  Here we have what appears to be the official "Steev Mike" website.  This site preserves the name's original trademark mispelling.  The layout and overall look of this site is almost identicle to "SteveMike", however "SteevMike" features a different central graphic [see Figure 17].  It looks to be a diagram involving different levels of code and the letters "A.W.K.'s TV"; "EE"; "STEEV MIKE"; "B+"; and the street address: "9830 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA, 90212-1825".  The zipcode numbers "90212" are circled and an arrow directs us to an internet explorer address bar at the top of the picture.  Here the same zip code numbers are arranged as "9,0,0,2,2,1,1,1,1,1".  At the very bottom of the page are the numbers "13- / -5" with four small arrows pointing down from the letters "M", "I", 'K", and "E".  Later we'll explore this picture in greater detail.  When you click on the picture it linked to THIS.  This bodybuilding page features information on a "BCAA Nutritional Supplement".  I believe that the letters "CAA" in "BCAA" are meant to connect the "B+" to "CAA".  It turns out that the "9830 Wilshire Boulevard" address is the location of the Hollywood Acting Agency "Creative Artists Agency" or "CAA" (see above information about "Nicole Kidman", "Tom Cruise" and "AndrewWilkesKrier"). Below this picture is the following code:

"// (6)(9)(6)(20)(5)(5)(14) // (6)(15)(21)(18)(20(5)(5)(14) // (6)(9)(22)(5) // - // (20)(8)(9)(18)(20)(5)(5)(14) // (6)(9)(6)(20)(5)(5)(14) // (5)(9)(7)(8)(20)(5)(5)(14) // (6)(9)(22)(5) // - // (14)(9)(14)(5) // (14)(9)(14)(5)(20)(5)(5)(14) // - // (20)(8)(18)(5)(5) // (6)(9)(6)(20)(5)(5)(14) // // (20)(8)(9)(18)(20)(5)(5)(14) // (14)(9)(14)(5) // (6)(15)(21)(18)(20(5)(5)(14) // (19)(5)(22)(5)(14)..."

This code was in two levels.  First the above numbers translated into letters wich spell the words for even more numbers:


This translates into: "(15)(14)(5)(13)(15)(18)(5)(9)(19)(3)(15)(13)(9)(14)(7)" which equals:


-SteevGreen - This appeared several days after the above sites.  I wish I had more information about exactly when each website came online, but all I have is a vague sense of approximate order.  As I've said before, I don't think a linear timeline is as important as the elements themselves.  I'll do my best to keep the levels in order, but it's been incredibly difficult.  First we notice yet another "EE" word manipulation.  Both "STEEV" and "GREEN" feature the "55" theme, and we can see the color theme extend through out the page.  "Steev Green" features two bold-green pictures [see Figure 18, 19].  The first picture features Marijuana leaves and monochrome photos of Nicole Kidman and a man bearing a striking resemblance to "Andrew W.K."  You can even see "Andrew W.K." trademark "line" tattoos and his arms.  We'll get into these photos in greater detail later on.  When you click on this photo it links back to itself, in a "loop" (although when you click on the archived version, it takes you to the "ACCESS DENIED" original page).  The pictures feature a large amount of reversed and upside down code which also been stretched and distorted.  Below the first picture is an additional line of code reading:


Which translates into:


These are more Dutch words, which loosely translate into: "THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HER".  I'm assuming the message is refering to the pictures of Nicole Kidman, but there's no way to know for sure.

Below this is another photo which appears to be of "Andrew W.K." holding a microphone during a concert.  Standing in the background, to the lower left is another man, who actually looks a lot like "Andrew W.K.".  It's impossible to tell exactly who it is, but many have suggested that it's a long time ANDREW W.K. fan who goes by the name "PX".  I've never been able to confirm this for sure.  (If you notice, the Nicole Kidman series has a very small face of this same man in the lower left corner).  Below the lower photo is the code:

"(1)(23)(11) (1)(14)(4)... BR55DSTER"

The numbers spell out the words: 'A.W.K. AND..."  The word "BR55DSTER" translates to "BREEDSTER" and makes reference to the page which is linked to the above photo.  This WEBSITE is some sort of complicated programming game involving "bug" creatures and the color "GREEN".  Of course the word "GREEN" is another connection to "EE" and "55".

-WhiteKiller - The title of this makes reference to the myth that the "W.K." in ANDREW W.K. stood for "White Killer".  The site starts off with yet another bizarre photo-collage, featuring a large picture of "Andrew W.K." in all black and sunglasses [see Figure 20].  By this point it's easy to see a pattern in the layout of each site, as well as repetative imagery, such as the sunglasses.  Some people have suspected that the man in this photo is NOT "Andrew W.K." - it's difficult to tell.  The photo also includes more "Sierra Mist" imagery, including a picture of a "bloody-nose" man wearing a Sierra Mist t-shirt which has been crossed out.  There also appears to be a "Mountain Dew" vending machine in the background, but it's very difficult to tell.  Next to the man wearing sunglasses is a photo of entertainment icon, Marilyn Monroe - her hace has been covered with another photo of "the man with sunglasses".  Again, this appears to be "Andrew W.K.", but I still can't be 100% sure.  Above this image is a telephone with another "Sierra Mist" logo at a soccer game.  There's a long bar connecting it to the other "Sierra Mist" logo across the way.  On the telephone we can see that the numbers "1", "2", "4", "6" and "7" have been marked with a red dot.  It was discovered that these numbers symbolized the telephone number "(212) 714-4646".  This number has been around in various ANDREW W.K. imagery for many years.  There's even a t-shirt which sports the number in a very confusing way [see Figure 23].  In the t-shirt the numbers appear written as "12,127,144,646" or "Twelve billion one hundred twenty seven million one hundred fourty four thousand six hundred and fourty six".  This same phone number has also been known as an ANDREW W.K. "hotline".  We'll talk much more about this phone number later on.   

Below the photo is the code:

"(19). "(6)(9)(6)(20)(25)(6)(9)(22)(5)" (13). (19)(1)(25)(19): (19)(3)(18)(5)(23) (25)(15)(21). (19)(3)(18)(5)(23) (5)(22)(5)(18)(25)(20)(8)(14)(7) (1)(14)(4) (5)(22)(5)(18)(25)(15)(14)(5)."

Which translates into:


The 'S. "FIFTYFIVE" M.' represents "StEEv Mike", as does the code running up the lower right have corner of the photograph. 

NOTE: I do not have archived links for the following sites, so I've simply linked them to what remains of the originals:

-1192011120 - This site followed the "zipcode" information presented on "SteevMike".  If you combined the "9,0,0,2,2,1,1,1,1,1" numbers from the "Wilshire Boulevard" street address into the "1192011120" order, you would connect.  When you translate the numbers "1192011120" as code, you get an even more bizarre connection.  "(11)(9)(20)-(11)(1)(20)" translates into: "KIT KAT".  So essentially, "" is another way of saying "Kit"  There has been a long ongoing rumour about a series of "Kit Kat Chocolate Bar" Television Ads which feature a song called "Gimme A Break" [watch THIS DOWNLOAD and others from the file-sharing fan-site].  It's widely believed that the song featured in the commercial was created by ANDREW W.K.  However, it's been difficult to confirm if this is true.  Anyone who's heard the commercial will notice the undeniable sound of A.W.K. music, but "Andrew W.K." himself has never confirmed the song as his own.  There have been conflicting reports in different online sources and in interviews and often "Andrew W.K." contradicts statements he has made earlier.  I've done a lot of research into the "Kit Kat" songs and I've tried to gather as many different theories as possible.  I found the following thoughts posted by "stimmet" on an ANDREW W.K. Message Board:

"Here's something interesting:
Back in spring of 2003, when "The Wolf" was being recorded, the A.W.K. Kit-Kat ads ("GIVE-ME-A-BREAK!") started airing. I had seen this update on the fan-site "": “Three words: Kit Kat Commercial. Keep an eye out for it.” (I checked back and this update is dated 1-22-03) I don’t know where the site got it's info, but sure enough a few weeks later I saw the ad and freaked out. I was very excited as this was the first new A.W.K. music since "I Get Wet" and it was, of course, wonderful.

Sometime not long after that, Andrew did a live interview on a college radio station with an internet broadcast (sorry, I don’t remember the station or the date). I listened live and they were taking questions via instant message. I sent one in asking him to talk about the Kit Kat ads and the new song. When they read it to Andrew, he seemed surprised, as if he didn’t expect anyone to know about that (though the ads had been airing for a couple weeks and I had talked to several others who’d seen them). After a long silence, he said “I can’t talk about that” (now infamous words I suppose!). The interviewers didn’t quite know what to make of this (they apparently hadn’t seen the ads), and after a few more awkward moments Andrew covered by pretending he thought I was talking about the classic Kit-Kat theme song. They all sang that song, then moved on as if the weird moment hadn’t occurred. I was very confused by his reluctance to talk about something that was clearly not a secret, being aired on TV all over the country!  Then, within 48 hours of that interview, there was an news posting heralding the ads and the new song, and Andrew had answered a Q&A asking essentially the same thing I did.

Fast-forward to the 1-4-05 online chat with Kristine Williams in the wake of Steev’s hack, the WSOU concert etc. [more on this topics later] I recount to her what happened back when with the question about Kit-Kat, ask her if Andrew’s reaction was due to a complication with Steev Mike, and she tells me yes! Now, I had to explain to her what I was talking about, and it’s possible she/whoever just took the opportunity to turn it into a Steev thing (maybe Andrew didn’t realize the ads were out yet, which is what I figured at the time). But still, it’s an instance of Andrew being inexplicably cryptic about something a good while before 11-23-04, and it would seem to echo other people's experience at that Pittsburgh St. Patrick's Day show. (23)(5)(9)(18)(4)(14)(5)(19)(19)!"

Again, we'll discuss all of these topics in much greater detail, including the "Q&A"; "Kit Kat Ads"; "Kristine Williams"; and so on.

-AdultWomanInTheMirror - This was one of the more diffcult sites to originally locate.  Sadly, it's original graphics have been dismantled, and the remaining site simply reads "ACCES DENIED".  However, I was able to locate a screen shot from the original page, featuring the site's main image [see Figure 21].  The site name comes from a previous word manipulation using Nicole Kidman's last name.  "KID MAN" is the "mirror" or opposite of "ADULT WOMAN", meaning that the opposite of a "kid" is an "adult" and the opposite of a "man" is a "woman".  It word manipulation works nicely because it explains the pictures in which Nicole Kidman is indeed posing in a mirror - an "Adult Woman In The Mirror".  In these mirror photos we see Nicole Kidman standing with a man who appears to be "Andrew W.K."  Again, the photos are film-stills taken from the movie "Eyes Wide Shut".  Someone has replaced Tom Cruise with "Andrew W.K."  There's a large amount of code in both letters and numbers, including reversed mirror code, and extremely stretched distorted code.  Later on I'll get to the code in greater detail, when we examine all the pictures more closely.

-ViolentLife - This may still exist in it's original state.  For some reason this was unaffeted by the Steev Mike events, and it remains intact.  I urge everyone to examine the site closely and see what you make of it.  I'm not going to dive into this site too heavily, because I don't see any strong connections to the other events we're dealing with.  I do think that this site has some important text and some very interesting graphics.  Notice the color photo on the right side of the page features what looks like "Andrew W.K." in some sort of spasm - it's impossible to tell if it is "Andrew W.K." because his face has been obscured by hair.  My favorite text on the page is the phrase "FIGHT THE WAR", with it's obvious double meanings.  I'm also facinated by the black and white collage of "Andrew W.K." pictures in the lower left corner of the page.  Some of these are classic "Andrew W.K." photos from many different eras [see the "Year By Year" photos on "WeWantFun"].  The black and white photo collage is arranged to almost look like a small webpage.  When you click on this page you are connected to "ExtremeViolence".  There are also other links to various weight-lifting websites [weight-lifting and weight-gain have been recurring themes with ANDREW W.K. - see this interview "How To Get Fat" in Blender Magazine - see Figure 22].

-AndrewWKsucks - This was the last to appear in the wave of "Steev Mike" related events.  Although this wasn't launched until approximately January 2005, the name was created several years earlier.  As with several of the others, the original content has been removed from "AndrewWKsucks" and now all we get is the familiar "ACCESS DENIED" message.  Fortunately, the original content has been preserved.  The original consisted of one huge chunk of code - the largest block of code out of ALL the previously discussed sites.  This appeared to be a "grande-finale" of some-kind.  The original code was as follows:


(20)(15)-(19)(20)(1)(18)(20),-(12)(5)(20)-(13)(5)-(19)(1)(25)-(20)(8)(1)(20)-(9)-(18)(5)(19)(16)(5)(3)(20)-(25)(15)(21)-(1)(14)(4)-(15)(21)(18)-(6)(1)(14)(19)-(22)(5)(18)(25)-(13)(210(3)(8).  (25)(15)(21)-(11)(14)(15)(23)-(8)(15)(23)-(13)(21)(3)(8)-(9)-(2)(5)(12)(9)(5)(22)(5)-(9)(14)-(25)(15)(21)-(1)(14)(4)-(1)(12)(12)-(20)(8)(1)(20)-(25)(15)(21)-(19)(20)(1)(14)(4)-(6)(15)(18)… (2)(5)(3)(1)(21)(19)(5)-(9)-(19)(20)(15)(15)(4)-(6)(15)(18)-(9)(20)-(6)(9)(18)(19)(20).  (25)(15)(21)-(11)(14)(15)(23)-(8)(15)(23)-(13)(21)(3)(8)-(9)-(12)(15)(22)(5)-(25)(15)(21)(18)-(13)(21)(19)(9)(3), (2)(5)(3)(1)(21)(19)(5)-(9)-(3)(18)(5)(1)(20)(5)(4)-(9)(20).  (26)(15)(21)-(11)(14)(15)(23)-(20)(8)(1)(20)-(9)-(12)(15)(22)(5)-(20)(8)(5)-(23)(1)(25)-(25)(15)(21)-(12)(15)(15)(11)-(1)(14)(4)-(1)(3)(20)-(1)(14)(4)-(19)(9)(14)(7)-(1)(14)(4)-(4)(1)(14)(3)(5), (2)(5)(3)(1)(21)(19)(5)-(9)(20)-(23)(1)(19)-(2)(15)(18)(14)-(9)(14)-(13)(25)-(2)(18)(1)(9)(14).

(8)(15)(16)(5)(6)(21)(12)(12)(25)-(2)(25)-(14)(15)(23)-(25)(15)(21)’(22)(5)-(14)(15)(20)(9)(3)(4)-(20)(8)(1)(20)-(9)’(22)(5)-(8)(1)(3)(11)(5)(4)-(9)(14)(20)(15)-(20)(8)(5)-(23)(5)(2)(19)(9)(20)(5)(19).  (13)(1)(25)(2)(5)-(25)(15)(21)-(8)(1)(22)(5)(14)’(20)-(19)(5)(5)(14)-(5)(22)(5)(18)(25)(20)(8)(9)(14)(7), (2)(21)(20)-(15)(21)(18)-(6)(1)(14)(19)-(8)(1)(22)(5).  (9)(14)-(6)(1)(3)(20), (25)(15)(21)(18)-(6)(1)(14)(19)-(1)(18)(5)-(23)(5)(12)(12)-(15)(14)-(20)(8)(5)(9)-(23)(1)(25)-(20)(15)-(11)(14)(15)(23)(9)(14)(7)-(20)(8)(5)-(20)(18)(21)(20)(8). -(9)’(22)(5)-(2)(5)(5)(14)-(7)(9)(22)(9)(14)(7)-(20)(8)(5)(13)-(2)(9)(20)(19)-(1)(14)(4)-(16)(9)(5)(3)(5)(19), (8)(15)(16)(9)(14)(7)-(20)(8)(1)(20)-(25)(15)(21)’(4)-(3)(15)(13)(5)-(20)(15)-(25)(15)(21)(18)-(19)(5)(14)(19)(5)(19)-(1)(14)(4)-(19)(20)(15)(16)-(20)(18)(25)(9)(14)(7)-(20)(15)-(19)(17)(21)(5)(5)(26)(5)-(13)(5)-(15)(21)(20).  (23)(5)(12)(12), (25)(15)(21)-(8)(1)(22)(5)(14)’(20)-(18)(5)(19)(16)(15)(14)(4)(5)(4)-(20)(15)-(13)(25)-(9)(14)(9)(20)(9)(1)(12)-(18)(5)(17)(21)(5)(19)(20)(19)-(1)(14)(4)-(14)(15)(23)-(25)(15)(21)’(18)(5)-(6)(15)(18)(3)(9)(14)(7)-(13)(5)-(20)(15)-(13)(1)(11)(5)-(20)(8)(18)(5)(1)(20)(19).  (23)(8)(5)(14)-(24)(15)(21)-(1)(2)(20)-(21)(14)(16)(18)(15)(6)(5)(19)(19)(9)(15)(14)(1)(12),-(19)(15)-(23)(9)(12)(12)-(9).  (14)(15)(23)-(9)-(8)(1)(22)(5)-(14)(15)-(3)(8)(15)(8)(3)(5)-(2)(21)(20)-(20)(15)-(12)(5)(20)-(20)(8)(5)-(6)(1)(3)(20)(19)-(19)(16)(5)(1)(11)-(6)(15)(18)-(20)(8)(5)(13)(19)(5)(12)(22)(5)(19).

(9)-(14)(5)(22)(5)(18)-(23)(1)(14)(20)(5)(4)-(9)(20)-(20)(15)-(3)(15)(13)(5)-(20)(15)-(20)(8)(9)(19), (2)(21)(20)-(9)-(3)(1)(14)-(14)(15)-(12)(15)(14)(7)(5)(18)-(23)(1)(9)(20)-(9)(14)-(20)(8)(5)-(2)(1)(3)(11)(7)(18)(15)(21)(14)(4)-(1)(14)(4)-(9)(7)(14)(15)(18)(5)-(25)(15)(21)(18)-(3)(15)(13)(16)(12)(5)(20)(5)-(4)(9)(19)(18)(5)(19)(16)(5)(3)(20).  (25)(15)(21)’(22)(5)-(5)(24)(16)(12)(15)(9)(20)(5)(4)-(20)(8)(5)-(1)(21)(20)(15)(13)(1)(20)(9)(3)-(4)(9)(19)(1)(4)(22)(1)(14)(20)(1)(7)(5)-(15)(21)(18)-(1)(7)(18)(5)(5)(13)(5)(14)(20)-(16)(21)(20)(19)-(13)(5)-(9)(14).  (13)(25)-(3)(8)(15)(9)(3)(5)-(20)(15)-(12)(5)(20)-(25)(15)(21)-(5)(14)(10)(15)(25)-(20)(8)(5)-(19)(16)(15)(20)(12)(9)(7)(8)(20), (23)(8)(9)(12)(5)-(9)-(3)(18)(5)(1)(20)(5)-(20)(8)(5)-(13)(1)(7)(9)(3)-(12)(5)(1)(22)(5)(19)-(13)(5)-(1)(12)(13)(15)(19)(20)-(8)(5)(12)(16)(12)(5)(19)(19).  (9)’(13)-(7)(15)(9)(14)(7)-(20)(15)-(5)(24)(20)(18)(5)(5)(13)-(13)(5)(1)(19)(21)(18)(5)(19)-(2)(21)(20)-(25)(15)(21)-(23)(9)(12)(12)-(14)(15)(20)-(7)(5)(20)-(13)(5)-(20)(15)-(5)(24)(16)(15)(19)(5)-(13)(250(19)(5)(12)(6)-(21)(14)(20)(9)(12)-(9)-(5)(24)(16)(15)(19)(5)-(25)(15)(21)-(6)(9)(18)(19)(20).

(9)-(11)(14)(15)(23)-(20)(8)(1)(20)-(20)(8)(5)-(17)(21)(9)(3)(11)-(18)(9)(19)(5)-(20)(15)-(6)(1)(13)(5)-(8)(1)(19)-(3)(12)(15)(21)(4)(5)(4)-(25)(15)(21)(18)-(13)(5)(13)(15)(18)(25)-(3)(15)(14)(3)(5)(18)(14)(9)(14)(7)-(15)(21)(18)-(16)(1)(18)(20)(14)(5)(18)(19)(8)(9)(16).  (9)-(23)(1)(19)-(23)(9)(12)(12)(9)(14)(7)-(20)(15)-(6)(15)(18)(7)(9)(22)(5)-(25)(15)(21)(18)-(1)(14)(4)-(9)(7)(14)(15)(18)(1)(14)(20)-(3)(8)(15)(9)(3)(5)(19)-(2)(5)(3)(1)(21)(19)(5)-(25)(15)(21)(18)-(1)-(25)(15)(21)(14)(7)-(19)(20)(1)(18).  (8)(15)(23)(5)(22)(5)(18), (25)(15)(21)(18)-(18)(5)(3)(5)(14)(20)-(5)(6)(6)(15)(18)(20)(19)-(20)(15)-(5)(24)(3)(12)(21)(4)(5)-(13)(5)-(6)(18)(15)(13)-(20)(8)(5)-(20)(8)(9)(18)(4)-(1)(12)(2)(21)(13)-(23)(9)(12)(12)-(14)(15)(20)-(2)(5)-(20)(15)(12)(5)(18)(1)(20)(5)(4).  (9)-(4)(9)(4)(14)’(20)-(23)(15)(18)(11)-(6)(5)(18)-(20)(8)(5)-(12)(1)(19)(20)-(25)(5)(1)(18)-(15)(14)-(20)(8)(5)(19)(5)-(14)(5)(23)-(19)(15)(14)(7)(19)-(10)(21)(19)(20)-(20)(15)-(8)(1)(22)(5)-(25)(15)(21)-(2)(18)(5)(1)(11)-(25)(15)(21)(18)-(16)(18)(150(13)(9)(19)(5)(19)-(1)(14)(4)-(13)(25)-(8)(5)(1)(18)(20).

(15)(21)(18)-(6)(1)(14)(19)-(4)(5)(19)(5)(18)(22)(5)-(20)(15)-(11)(14)(15)(23)-(20)(8)(5)-(20)(18)(21)(20)(8).  (15)(21)(18)-(6)(1)(14)(19)-(1)(18)(5)-(19)(13)(1)(18)(20).  (20)(8)(1)(20)’(19)-(23)(8)(25)-(9)’(22)(5)-(16)(21)(20)-(20)(8)(5)-(19)(1)(13)(5)-(12)(5)(20)(20)(5)(18)-(25)(15)(21)’(18)(5)-(8)(15)(12)(4)(9)(14)(7)-(14)(15)(23)-(15)(14)-(15)(14)(5)-(15)(6)-(20)(8)(5)-(13)(1)(14)(25)-(23)(5)(2)(19)(9)(20)(5)(19)-(9)’(22)(5)-(3)(18)(5)(1)(20)(5)(4)-(20)(8)(18)(15)(21)(7)(8)-(15)(21)(18)-(3)(15)(13)(16)(1)(14)(25).  (2)(25)-(20)(8)(5)-(20)(9)(13)(5)-(25)(15)(21)-(18)(5)(1)(4)-(20)(8)(9)(19), (15)(21)(18)-(6)(1)(14)(19)-(23)(9)(12)(12)-(8)(1)(22)(5)-(18)(5)(1)(4)-(9)(20)-(20)(15)(15).  (4)(15)(14)’(20)-(23)(15)(18)(18)(25), (9)’(22)(5)-(13)(1)(4)(5)-(9)(20)-(8)(1)(18)(4)-(6)(15)(18)-(1)(12)(12)-(2)(21)(20)-(20)(8)(5)-(13)(15)(19)(20)-(4)(50)(4)(9)(3)(1)(20)(5)(4)-(6)(1)(14)(19)-(20)(15)-(18)(5)(1)(4), (2)(21)(20)-(11)(14)(15)(23)-(20)(8)(9)(19): (13)(15)(18)(5)-(1)(14)(4)-(13)(15)(18)(5)-(16)(5)(15)(16)(12)(5)-(23)(9)(12)(12)-(6)(9)(14)(4)-(15)(210(20)-(20)(8)(5)-(18)(5)(1)(12)-(19)(20)(15)(18)(25)… (21)(14)(12)(5)(19)(19)-(25)(15)(21)-(19)(20)(15)(16)-(20)(18)(25)(9)(14)(7)-(20)(15)-(19)(1)(2)(15)(20)(1)(7)(5)-(15)(21)(18)-(3)(15)(14)(20(18)(1)(3)(20).

(9)’(22)(5)-(3)(8)(15)(19)(5)(14)-(14)(15)(20)-(20)(15)-(7)(15)-(20)(15)-(20)(8)(5)-(16)(18)(5)(19)(19)-(23)(9)(20)(8)-(20)(8)(9)(19)… (25)(5)(20).  (9)-(19)(20)(9)(12)(12)-(22)(1)(12)(21)(5)-(15)(21)(18)-(18)(5)(12)(1)(20)(9)(15)(14)(19)(8)(9)(16), (1)(14)(4)-(9)-(23)(1)(14)(20)-(20)(15)-(3)(15)(14)(20)(9)(14)(21)(5)-(23)(9)(20)(8)-(1)(12)(12)-(20)(8)(1)(20)-(23)(5)-(9)(14)(9)(20)(9)(1)(12)(12)(25)-(16)(12)(1)(14)(14)(5)(3), (2)(210(20)-(9)(6)-(25)(15)(21)-(18)(5)(6)(21)(19)(5)-(20)(15)-(3)(15)(13)(16)(12)(25), (9)-(23)(9)(12)(12)-(8)(1)(22)(5)-(14)(15)-(3)(8)(15)(9)(3)-(2)(21)(20)-(20)(15)-(18)(5)(22)(5)(1)(12)-(13)(25)(19)(5)(12)(6), (1)(14)(4)-(18)(4)(22)(4)(1)(12)-(25)(15)(21)-(1)(19)-(1)-(2)(1)(3)(11)(19)(20)(1)(2)(2)(9)(14)(7)-(6)(18)(1)(21)(4).


This code translated into the following text:

"Dear Andrew W.K.,

To start with, let me say that I respect you and your fans very much.  You know how much I believe in you and all that you stand for, because I stood for it first.  You know how much I love your music, because I created it.  You know that I love the way you look and act and talk and sing and dance because it was born in my brain.

Hopefully, by now you’ve noticed that I’ve hacked into the websites.  Maybe you haven’t seen everything, but your fans have.  In fact, your fans are well on their way to knowing the truth.  I’ve been giving them bits and pieces, hoping that you’d come to your senses and stop trying to squeeze me out.  Well, you haven’t responded to my initial requests and you’ve forced me to make threats.  When you act unprofessional, so will I.  Now I have no choice but to let the facts speak for themselves.

I never wanted it to come to this, but I can no longer wait in the background and ignore your complete disrespect.  You’ve exploited the automatic disadvantage our agreement puts me in. Our choice to let you enjoy the spotlight, while I create the magic, leaves me almost helpless. You will not force me to expose myself until I expose you first.

I know that your quick rise to fame had clouded your memory concerning our partnership.  I was willing to forgive your cruel and ignorant choices because you’re a young star.  However, your recent efforts to exclude me from the 3rd album material will not be tolerated.  I did not work for the last year on these new songs in order to have you break promises.

Your fans deserve to know the truth.  Your fans are smart.  That’s why I’ve put this same letter up on one of the many websites I’ve been creating in your name.  By the time you read this, your fans will have already read it too.  Don’t worry, I’ve made it very hard for all but the most dedicated A.W.K. fans to find, but know this: more and more people will find out the real story UNLESS you stop trying to sabotage our agreement.

I’ve chosen not to go to the press with this… yet.   I do value our relationship, and I want to continue towards all that we initially planned, however if you refuse to comply, I will have no choice but to let the world know that you’re a backstabbing fraud.

Now it’s up to you.

Yours truly,
Steev Mike

For me, this letter was a complete breakthrough.  All of sudden many confusing pieces began to fit together.  The letter was clearly a threat; almost blackmail.  We finally can read an organized and clearly written statement from "Steev Mike".  These are the first complete thoughts we've read so far.  From reading the letter we can begin to form a big picture tying together all the other events and levels.  The letter is addressed to "Andrew W.K.", but at the same time, it's clear that this "Steev Mike" person wants the public to read what he has to say.  He points out that the code will keep too many people from seeing it, but as the code was slowly translated, the letter quickly spread across the internet, through message boards and email.  After reading the letter dozens of times, I was able to come up with the following theories:

-The Hacker Theory - At first I thought that some distant fan or foe of ANDREW W.K. had created all this, including: "SteveMike"; "AdultWomanInTheMirror"; "ExtreemViolence"; "AndrewWKsucks" and the others I listed earlier.  I thought that these were some sort of tribute to the intensity of ANDREW W.K.  But then I started thinking about the names themselves - they were all in someway related to established ANDREW W.K. themes.  Perhaps someone had hacked into the internet using the name "Steev Mike", and then posted this letter and the other pictures we've examined all over anything ANDREW W.K. related.  I decided I should find out who created all this whole thing. 
After doing a "WHO-IS" search on "AndrewWKsucks" [you can use a site like ""], I was shocked to learn that the site itself was owned by ANDREW W.K., Inc.  This meant that the main ANDREW W.K. company had created "AndrewWKsucks".  I was very confused.  Why would they want to bad mouth their own creation?  I then realized that perhaps ANDREW W.K., Inc. bought this domain name as a preventative measure; to stop someone else from doing it and using it against ANDREW W.K.  This is a very defensive tactic, and only the most paranoid corporations go to these great lengths.  It's not uncommon for large companies to buy up many different names related to their company.  If you do an extensive WHO-IS search on ANDREW W.K. related websites, you'll find that ALL the above domain names (except for ""; ""; ""; etc.) are owned by ANDREW W.K., Inc.  In addition to the names we've discussed here, ANDREW W.K. Inc. owns dozens and dozens of additional ANDREW W.K. related names, including multiple spellings of "ANDREW W.K." and ANDREW W.K. song titles.  I found this absolutely perplexing.  Did this mean that ANDREW W.K.'s own people had created this entire presentation?  I wanted to immediately rule out this possibility, as I didn't see why ANDREW W.K. would say that "Andrew W.K." was a fraud and that "Steev Mike" made all the music.  Why would ANDREW W.K. want to discredit "himself"? 
The more logical conclusion was that someone had "hacked" into ANDREW W.K., Inc. and posted these strange pictures and codes.  This person wanted to create an impression and send a threatening message to "Andrew W.K.", ANDREW W.K. Inc., and all the A.W.K. fans.  The letter makes it clear that the person calling themselves "Steev Mike" was very upset about some sort of betrayal and backstabbing.  He describes himself as some sort of victim.  This "Hacker Theory" makes sense considering the long-standing theories that "Steev Mike" or some corporation may have invented "Andrew W.K."   I believe that this same hacker broke into the backend of "AndrewWK" and "AWKworld" and manipulated information and text, including the "Q&A" section.  I'll talk much more about "The Hacker Theory" later on - I wanted to present it here first, because it was only after I read the above letter on "AndrewWKsucks" that I thought of it.  Of course, I've talked to many other people who also came up with similar "hacker" theories - many people agree that this explains all the events, but I don't find it completely satisfying - there are too many questions still unanswered and too many other possible explanations.  I'll explore all of these as we continue.

Again, I must thank the webmaster at for providing the actual original "html" webpages - your site has been incredibly helpful.  Thanks also to the many other contributors who have emailed me photos and graphics from the original websites before they were taken down. 

For three weeks in early January, the internet was filled by more and more connected websites.  The pages listed above are all the sites I am aware of, but it's very possible that there were more.  One by one the sites were discovered and the messages translated.  A tower bizaare pictures in complicated arrangements, and still no one really knew what any of this meant.  Who made these sites?  What was their point?  As we discussed, many believe the sites were created or hacked by someone close to the ANDREW W.K. organization.  This hacker knew how to get into the sites, and he knew what to do once he got there.  It's believed that "The Louise Harland Corporation" may have worked with this individual.  Whether this individual was really "Steev Mike", or just an imposter using that name, is hard to say.  We will now discuss some additional theories:


-The Super-Fan Theory -  Some people believe the hacking was the work of an obsessed ANDREW W.K. fan and not the real "Steev Mike"; someone who was trying to get attention or create confusion.  Of course, this fan may have been angry or dillusional about some sort of "wrongdoing" by "Andrew W.K.".  Some believe that this super-fan may have posed as "Steev Mike" in order to ridicule and criticize "Andrew W.K." for some music he didn't like.  However, in the statements made by "Steev Mike", he never insults the music on "The Wolf" or any other ANDREW W.K. releases, in fact he praises it and takes credit for it.  It's also possible that this super-fan was trying to create a false rumor about who "Andrew W.K." really is, but a true fan wouldn't want to badmouth, or pretend to expose the musician they love as a fraud. 
The leading evidence supporting the "Super-Fan Theory" is the coded messages posted on "1192011120"

I found this translation on an A.W.K. fan message board:



3. ON LINE W, c?





If you conduct a Google search for the letters "awk" and the name of the site, which is :"kitkat" ("1192011120"= "kitkat"), then you find this strange site of code:

I didn't learn this until recently, but "AWK" is the name of a certain type of computer code.  That's right, the code is actually called "AWK".  Of course, "A.W.K." is a long time nickname and abbreviation for "Andrew W.K." and it turns out that the "" site is written in the computer programming language "AWK".  This code has existed independantly of "Andrew W.K." and is completely unrelated to him, except that they share the same initials.  I found this to be so facinating.  My head was spinning.  Here we are deciphering code about a musician named "A.W.K." and code is written in "AWK"! 

The second translation: "K.B. HAS MY SECRET NICKNAME" is making reference to "Kim Buckner".  This is the name of the creator of the "" site.  The "SECRET NICKNAME" is supposedly going to be another alias for "Steev Mike" - at least that's how I understand it.  There's a related homepage for "Kim Buckner" at this site:  I don't see any relevant information on the page, but perhaps someone else can figure out what I can't.  From what I can tell, the second translation is simply telling us that the page of "AWK" code holds the nickname of "Steev Mike". 

The third translation: "ON LINE W, c?"  At first I didn't know what to make of the words "LINE W".  What is "LINE W"?  I looked up and down the page for the letter "W" but I couldn't see any clear indication of a line named "W".  I then thought that perhaps the message itself was in code.  Maybe LINE W was meant to be translated into numbers.  I first tried translating all the letters LINE W, but this didn't give me anything logical, just the numbers: (12)(9)(14)(5)-(23).  Then I thought that maybe the word "LINE" was meant to stay alphabetic and that the letter "W" was meant to be numeric, as in "LINE 23".  I went back to the page of "AWK" code and looked for "LINE 23".  I counted down the lines of code until I reached line 23.  Line 23 featured the code:

tmp=`ssh -n $name$i ls -alF /tmp | grep '=' | cut -c16-24,55-`

Right away, the number "55" caugh my eye.  Sitting at the end of the code was the infamous "Steev Mike" double "EE" "55".  I saw the letter "c" and the numbers following: "16" and "24".  I figured that in the translation "ON LINE W, c?", the "c" was referring to the "c" next to the "55".  The numbers "16" and "24" translated into the initials "PX".  At first this didn't make sense to me.  What was "PX".  I thought that I had messed up the code translations, but I tried again and the numbers were absolutely "PX".  I didn't know of anyone by the name of "PX" until I started asking around on the ANDREW W.K. message boards.  I was stunned to learn that "PX" was the name of a huge super ANDREW W.K. fan.  In fact, this fan "PX" was responsible for running the great ANDREW W.K. file-sharing fan-site:  Part of me was very confused.  Why would this huge fan create some sort of story and pretend to be "Steev Mike"?  Why was the "PX" guy, who was clearly a huge A.W.K. fan, try to tear down someone he claimed to love? 
I did so more research on this "PX" person and I found out a lot of interesting information.  First off, I discovered that he's a very well educated computer expert.  From what I understand, he works in the computer industry and has a vast knowledge of computer programming.  Not to mention, his AWKshare site is very compicated and would need to involve a powerful computer server and network.  All of this is very damning evidence.  "PX" would have the computer experience necessary to hack into the ANDREW W.K. sites, and he would have the programing knowledge to incorporate complex levels of code, especially crypitc computer code like "AWK". 
I also learned that "PX" has been a huge and very passionate fan of ANDREW W.K. for many years.  He's a regular contributor to the network of Andrew W.K. fans, and he's posted many times on varioud ANDREW W.K. message boards.  One day a fellow A.W.K. fan emailed me some very bizarre information.  She told me that the face in the green concert photo from "SteevGreen" is a picture of "PX" [see Figure 19].  She also said that his real name is Josh.  This could be incorrect information, but I believe it's very possible that "Josh" is the hacker who used the name "Steev Mike".  This nice girl also emailed me the "original photo" that the hacker used to create his "SteevGreen" photo [see Figure 23].  In the color photo one can clearly make out the face of this man.  This is the person she was calling "Josh" and "PX".  It's remarkable how similar he looks to "Andrew W.K." 

Some have suggested that "PX" is an "Andrew W.K." impersonator who wants to be "Andrew W.K."  He's become known throughout the ANDREW W.K. fan-world; his "" site and his similar appearance to "Andrew W.K." has gotten him lots of attention.   I heard reports of "PX" going to ANDREW W.K. concerts, dressed in white jeans and a t-shirt, and getting mistaken for "Andrew W.K." all night.  I still don't understand why a so-called "fan" would hack into the ANDREW W.K. websites and attepmt to discredit "Andrew W.K."  As we said earlier, this could be a case of pure obsession.  However, I'm not 100% sold on this "super-fan" theory, nor am I sold on "Steev Mike" being "PX" or some other fan.  I think it could be someone who truly hates ANDREW W.K.  This leads us to the enemy theory:

-The Enemy Theory - Many of the statements made by "Steev Mike" during the blaze of messages featured the word: "VIJAND".  "Vijand" is the Dutch word for enemy.  As we saw earlier, "Steev Mike" used Dutch words in several cases.  He also featured a picture of a train station in Amsterdam [from the "SteevGreen" site - Figure 18] as well as several images of Holland's most infamous plant (and I don't mean the Tulip).  When "Steev Mike" refers to himself as an "enemy" he is also creating another mirror image.  "Andrew W.K." is famous for his phrase "Your Friend, Andrew W.K."  This was also the title of his television series on MTV.  "Steev Mike" often calls himself  "Your Vijand, Steev Mike" or "Your Enemy, Steev Mike" which is clearly a reverse reference to "Your Friend, Andrew W.K.".  This also seems connected to the black clothes versus white clothes, the Spy vs. Spy references and so on.  Perhaps the person who hacked into the sites was actually an enemy of "Andrew W.K."; someone who hated him and his music; someone who wanted to discredit him and make him look like a sham.  It's very possible that this person used the name "Steev Mike" and invented these lies about "Andrew W.K." and his authenticity.  As we know, people either love ANDREW W.K. with a passion, or they hate it with just as much spite.  It's possible that an obsessive hater of ANDREW W.K. hacked into ANDREW W.K. sites just to badmouth "Andrew W.K." and his fans.  This theory confirms several of the events that we'll be discussing later.

-The ANDREW W.K. Theory - One of the most widespread theories is what I call the "ANDREW W.K. Theory".  People who believe this theory think that ANDREW W.K. created all the websites and the "Hacker Idea" himself.  Believers also think that "Andrew W.K." is "Steev Mike" and that "Andrew Wilkes-Krier" is the inventor and creator of all ANDREW W.K. songs and images.  Those who usually support this theory tend to be very passionate ANDREW W.K. fans, who tend to believe whatever paints "Andrew" in the most appealing light.  I must say, as a huge fan of "Andrew W.K.", the music, and everything else, I don't necessarily support the "ANDREW W.K. Theory" as I don't find it to be a logical answer to the biggest questions.  Instead, it raises MORE of the same questions we've asked earlier: "Why would 'Andrew W.K.' want to make himself out to be a fraud?"; "Why would 'Andrew W.K.' try to make people think he didn't write his own music?"; "Why would 'Andrew W.K.' want to create a website called 'AndrewWKsucks' that says he's a hired actor?"  These are all very important and hard to answer questions, and each one of them makes it harder for me to believe the "ANDREW W.K. Theory".  I believe it's very possible that "Andrew W.K." may be a hired actor, but I don't believe he's responsible for hacking into his own websites.  And even if "Steev Mike" is the real creator of ANDREW W.K., I don't think "Andrew W.K." is trying to expose this as truth.  If anything, I think "Andrew W.K." has been working hard to cover-up the truth and hide the facts which the hacker is trying to expose.

-The Steev Mike Theory - This is the most basic theory, and it's the theory we've already been discussing most often.  I believe that this theory is the most logical of all the main theories so far.  It's true that there are dozens more theories, some of which we'll discuss later on.  Please remember, I don't claim to know or understand all the different possiblities; I'm simply trying to sort through the main ideas and in the process, I hope to lay some facts down for the record.  The "Steev Mike Theory" is the main theory I presented in my initial introduction of "Steev Mike".  In the "Steev Mike Theory" we believe that a real person, using the name "Steev Mike" hacked into different websites owned by ANDREW W.K., Inc. and posted messages, codes, and pictures.  I believe that the "Steev Mike" who did this is the same "Steev Mike" credited on the back "I Get Wet" as an Executive Producer.  The "Steev Mike Theory" says that "Steev Mike" hacked into the websites to blackmail "Andrew W.K." and the ANDREW W.K. companies.  In the letter featured on "", "Steev Mike" talks about being betrayed.  He points out that "Andrew W.K." is stealing all the credit for what he, "Steev Mike", created.  I believe "Steev Mike" hacked into these sites to threaten "Andrew W.K." and the other ANDREW W.K. groups.  He wanted to use his knowledge of the behind-the-scenes truth, and threaten to expose "Andrew W.K." as a fraud.  I believe he did this because he felt cheated by "Andrew W.K." and the other people working with ANDREW W.K.  He was "forced" to threaten him.  The "" letter also talks about "Steev Mike" being left out of "The Wolf" credits and also mentions the work "Steev Mike" has been doing for the 3rd ANDREW W.K. album.  Going back to the "Super-Fan Theory", it's possible that the real "Steev Mike" was trying to frame a fan or set someone up to appear guilty of the hackings.  He may have done this to threaten ANDREW W.K. without having to appear directly responsible, but I think this is a little far-fetched.  It's possible that various theories can overlap and involve multiple ideas, but I still feel that this "Steev Mike Theory" is the most likely and logical. 

Immediately after the last message appeared on "AndrewWKsucks" the rumors and stories began to spread.  Within a few weeks, people were talking about "Steev Mike" and the possibility of "Andrew W.K." being a hired actor.  The word of mouth traveled wide a far and caught the interest of a variety of people.  The reactions weren't limited to ANDREW W.K. fans; all kinds of people were perplexed and facinated by the ideas and possibilities the rumors raised.  "Was 'Andrew W.K.' a lot more than I thought?"; "Who is this 'Steev Mike' person?"; "Is this singer really a hired actor?"  All different kinds of theories were raised, including the most popular theories I stated above.  I was very interested in hearing what others had to say, so I searched the internet wide and far, looking for various opinions and viewpoints.  The following are some of the reactions I find most interesting.

This first letter was posted on a "Yahoo Steev Mike Message Board" by someone named "gterrance":

"Hello everyone: i cannot stress how important it is for us to all
understand that andrew w.k. is NOT and never has been steev mike.
yes, its true that andrew has said that he's steev mike in the past,
this is merely an attempt to redirect attention away from the real
situation. i dont know the whole story, but i do know that they are
two different people. im from michigan and i got into awk when he
actually came to play in detroit for the first time 3 years ago.
i got i get wet and the wolf (i prefer the wolf) and ive
been able to spread the music to all my friends. in michigan its
pretty well known that steev mike was the mastermind behind the
whole "andrew w.k." thing. now don't get me wrong, i think andrew is
a great performer and singer, but when it comes to the records and
the music and the artwork and all the ideas - that all came from
steev mike. steev mike is probably the most underground person ive
ever heard about. hes never played in a band (at least not one that
ive heard of), and i have no idea where he lives although last i
heard he didnt live in michigan. i dont know if steev mike is his
real name or what, but he is a songwriter. there's a long time
legend that steev mike is actually a nom de plume for the famous
songwriter diane warren, who wanted to write an album of rock songs
and mastermind a solo-career for someone else. some say that andrew
wilkes-krier won the audition. one of my friends said that steev mike
invented the whole andrew w.k. style. i dont know
everything about what's been going on lately with all these codes,
and weird websites, but it seems that either steev mike is trying to
fuck with andrew because andrew has taken all the credit. you'll
even notice that steev mike's name was left off the wolf album
(eventhough he/she certainly made ALL of it). trust me, this may be
very hard for the awk fans to swallow, but andrew is not the man
behind the music. the truth about steev mike and andrew w.k. is much
more complicated (and probably much darker) than we realize. my good
friend works at a record store in san francisco - she told me about
all this years ago and i never thought it would come up again. it
looks like steev mike is coming out of the woodwork in order to claim
some money probably. this is going to get interesting!!!!! i'll try
to get some more info and post whatever i can find. in the end, it
doesn't really matter if you like andrew w.k. or steev mike because
the resulting music is still good, but you should know that andrew
did not make any of it. i dont blame him for trying to take credit
though- the music industry is so fucked-up when it comes to
credibility, every musician is forced into saying that they make all
the music. anyway, long live awk and steev mike and of course, long
live the party.


This person clearly has a strong opinion about the "Steev Mike' rumors and he seems to agree with the basics of "The Steev Mike Theory".  This person has also heard the same rumors about "Steev Mike" that most of us have, but he seems to have a closer view, being from Michigan (the supposed hometown of "Andrew Wilkes-Krier").  I find this reaction especially important because of the points George raises about credibility in the music industry.  He's able to explain "Andrew W.K." claiming to be "Steev Mike" by showing how the music industry and the music press sets the standards and pressures artists into these lies.  I agree with George's general points and I feel he makes a very convincing argument in defense of the "Steev Mike Theory".

The following is an excerpt from an interview with "Andrew W.K."  I've chosen to spotlight this question for the obvious "Steev Mike" connections.  "Andrew's" answer here supports the "Andrew W.K. Theory" but it's hard to commit to this evidence with any confidence:

A: [quietly] Steev Mik [sic] was what I changed my name to for a little while. It was a very dark time. A real dark time. And I had to become someone else in order to be who I really was, and come back to it. Imagine if you had a balloon and you were so close to that balloon that all you really knew was rubbery red, had a string hanging around the bottom. You couldn’t really see much about it. You had to let the balloon go, up it flew in the air, finally you could look at it from a distance. ...Got it back, cuddled it... [inaudible] Two years ago."  

This quote was taken from the interview at this website:

My feeling is that the above interview quote, and similar quotes where "Andrew W.K." has claimed to be Steev Mike, are most quite possibly an attempt for "Andrew W.K." to take credit for the Steev Mike issues and controversy, in hopes that by taking credit, it will distract his fans from the possibility (or truth) that there is a real Steev Mike, other than "Andrew W.K.".  I also think it's possible that Steev Mike himself (or herself) has told "Andrew W.K." to claim that he's Steev Mike, as it would take further attention away from whoever really is Steev Mike, and give fans the most easy to swallow answer to their questions and concerns.  It could be that in the last few years, since the Steev Mike issues have come to the forefront, the person or team of people who represent Steev Mike have made efforts to deflect attention away from the truth by pinning the responsibility on "Andrew W.K."  It has occured to me that this in itself could be part of a plan that was set out from the get-go.  The idea that it was intended from the beginning of "Andrew W.K.'s" career to set him up for his own fall has been very hard for me to grasp, however, more recently I have considered, as have many other people, that the effort to switch out the blame from Steev Mike to "Andrew W.K." could be the efforts of "Andrew W.K.'s" own managers to make the best of a tricky situation.  I will now present two theories connected with these ideas:

-The Scapegoat Theory - The essence of this theory is that there are several different individuals, or groups, who are trying to pin the blame on one another, so as to avoid being exposed or blamed for their own involvement in ANDREW W.K. and Steev Mike.  This means that whoever actually is Steev Mike could be targeting and framing an innocent individual in an effort to make it appear as though they are Steev Mike and the person responsible for the hacking.  Of course, there is a difference between "Steev Mike" the person who is credited as Executive Producer on "I Get Wet" and "Close Calls With Brick Walls", and "Steev Mike" the person who has claimed responsibility for hacking into the ANDREW W.K. websites and apparently blackmailing "Andrew W.K." 

The real Steev Mike could be framing the false "Steev Mike" - or framing "Andrew W.K.". 

-The Advertising Theory - This theory is incredibly simple, yet it has only occured to me more recently.  Despite its simplicity, I find this theory to have several major flaws, in the same manner as the "ANDREW W.K. Theory" (see above).  Essentially, as you can imagine, the Advertising Theory suggests that the managers of ANDREW W.K., and possibly the real Steev Mike decided to use the blackmailing and hacking events to their advantage, working within the premise that "all press is good press".  Despite that most "Steev Mike" attacks have been to accuse "Andrew W.K." of being something other than he claims to be, it would make sense for ANDREW W.K. and the real Steev Mike to take control and possibly take credit for these events in order to spin them into what is essentially advertising and gossip-based promotion.  In a world where the media provides a great deal of entertainment content, the line between "reporting on entertainment" and "entertainment" itself becomes blurred.  ANDREW W.K. could take advantage of this by taking otherwise detremental attacks and using them as promotional tools to empower their product.

Upon the release on ANDREW W.K.'s debut album, "I Get Wet" in 2000, music critic, Garry Mulholland, pegged "Andrew W.K." is a perfect example of all that is rotten about the music business.  Mullholland was one of the first to point out the obviously manipulative undertone to Andrew W.K. and quickly declare him a corporate ploy.  He didn't point the finger at Steev Mike directly, but when Britain's Guardian Newspaper printed their first feature ANDREW W.K. article, Mullholland made it clear that the music industry was going to have to work a whole lot harder to pull the wool over his eyes: 

"Andrew W.K. is... a perfect summing-up of the nub of the crux of the slow death of rock'n'roll.  I tell you this because a package dropped through my letterbox the other day. It contained, among other things, a colour picture of a pretty young guy staring seductively into camera, his face smeared with fake blood. It was the promo photo for a new album of corporate pop ditties called "I Get Wet" by a Michigan resident called Andrew W.K.

Now, despite my own cynicism, I was intrigued. Someone had made the ketchup effort. I looked at the song titles and noticed "Ready to Die", "Party 'til You Puke" and Buy This and I'll Punch Myself Repeatedly in the Face Until I Need Surgery on Live TV! One of these is a lie. But, anyway, I figured this would at least be some early Beasties/Eminem-style comedy teen angst overload. Cool. Then I looked at the press release: "A dangerous mash of anthemic pop hooks, jackhammer dance rhythms and speed metal riffs!  But I'm a masochist, so I put the record on. It came oozing out of the speaker like the quicksand from an old Tarzan movie... A theoretically spot-on formula for those who find thrashy jock-metal rather exhilarating, but wish it had catchier tunes. Except for one teensy-weensy problem. "I Get Wet" is no good.

Firstly, there's the sound. Despite its collision pop ambitions, drums flail muddily, guitars hide behind half-hearted fuzz, ancient keyboard trumpet noises attempt to establish hooks but just parp like a fart through a cushion. Jackhammer rhythms and speed metal riffs? I can't hear any.

Then there are the songs. Despite those promisingly hedonist-minimalist titles, the lyrics are astonishingly fey and empty. We hear, repeatedly, that Andrew W.K. parties and parties hard. But he never tells us what he considers a party amounts to - it could be Tupperware or bridge we're being advised to join him in, rather than a snorting and shagging porno apocalypse. The guy doesn't even have the balls or the brains to make himself clear. Andrew W.K. is just a market research question. Do you need something like this?

The nadir is "Ready to Die", a song that puts the proposition, with turgid repetition and without rhyme or reason, that we should be ready to die and kill and that this is somehow something to do with the Tupperware party. Nice timing, Einstein. You could give the man credit for writing a deadpan satire on the way current US rock trivialises and renders meaningless even the single most important aspect of existence. But the din forces you to realise that this is just another sales base covered.

The guy's "voice" is the biggest giveaway - a sore throat monotone that is so self-conscious about alienating anyone that it shrinks away from either melody or or any form of decision about what it is. It just sort of hangs around, trying to be younger (Andrew W.K. is 22), and falling between so many stools that the bartender stops serving it and advises it to go home, buddy, you've had enough.

So why are we picking over this waste of corporate space? Because, for the next few months at least, Andrew W.K. will be everywhere. Thankfully, the biz hasn't yet worked out the logistics of strapping everyone under the age of 25 to a chair and playing their product to them until they finally give in and buy copies for all their mates, but give 'em time. Nevertheless, I'm going to strap myself down to something and you can call me on it later.

In the next year or so, the government will launch another perfectly reasonable inquiry into why compact discs in Britain are so grossly over-priced. And the biz will answer, with a straight face, that if they're forced to charge a fair price, they won't be able to sign and promote new acts. And the money spent on Andrew W.K. will be what they mean."

So, following this lead, the rest of the details have emerged relatively easily.  There are the contrasts between extremes: "simplicity" with "complexity", and "high" with "low". Jim Magas - Jim Krier - Pete Larson BULB, and the Steev Mike 45 EP, Sept. 22nd, 2006.

Straight from Jim Magas:


Thanks for the nice words, re: Couch 7". I'm still proud of that.

Steev Mike wasn't in the band, except for guesting as a drummer in '99.
He covered one of our songs, though. Hmm. I guess people wanna sell records!

All the best,

Jim Magas"

Bulb Records is a record label started in 1992 by Pete Larson, Jim Magas, and James Krier. Beginning as a scrappy, music label, before finally becoming a launch pad for big deal rock music and pop music alike in the '00s.
Among the label's artists are Andrew W.K., Couch, and Steev Mike.

According to Pete Larson, on September 22nd, 2006, a record under the name Steev Mike had been discovered. It had been released by Bulb Records, in 1992. The record was first found at a Michigan record shop which stated the records were found at a garage sale in Ann Arbor (where Bulb Records was founded). A little over a month later, a UK record shop was selling copies of the record in their store too. Their copies had a paper sleeve but the tracks on the record are the same as the other store's Bulb Steev Mike EP, except for the last track, which is a recording of Couch's "Old Man", which Andrew W.K. had recorded on the Bulb Records "Party Til You Puke" EP. If the record is really from 1992, then all other information about Bulb's real background may be false. On the original 1992 liner notes of the Steev Mike record, Andrew W.K.'s father, James Krier, is named as part of Bulb Records, proving that Andrew W.K. is somehow related to Steev Mike (possibly). Not much is known about Couch, but the Bulb Records site lists the members as Marlon Magas and Mr. Velocity Hopkins. Marlon Magas is really co-founder Jim Magas using a false name, and Mr. Velocity Hopkins is really Peter Larson.  It's assumed that Steev Mike is an alias for Andrew W.K.'s father.  In September of 2006, Jim Magas, member of Couch and co-founder of Bulb Records stated that the backstory was indeed a fake, and that Steev Mike was just an alter-ego for Professor James E. Krier.

More likely, the label was started in mid 1994 under the tutelage of Pete Larson and James E. Krier, who had originally met while Larson worked in the wine department of a gourmet grocery store frequented by Krier.  The label was originally a vehicle for putting out records by Krier's son, Andrew Fetterly, a then unknown young actor, but then expanded later to become well known and influential in the world of new music. Although the label has been inactive for some time, many now well known groups can trace their beginnings to the Bulb label and the supportive enthusiasm of Pete Larson and James Krier. 

- "Q&A"; "Kit Kat Ads"; "Kristine Williams";
- Pittsburgh St. Patrick's Day show
- Twig Harper - Lil Howling Wolf/James Pobiega
- SPIN article, M.A.N.

- Rexplex show, New Jersey... WSOU  12-17-04 - Original message from Fan:

"Alright. Last week, me, my mom and 2 friends piled into a small car to get to NJ to the Rexplex to see a bunch of sick bands play. coming from PA, I got so fucking lost, and it was nuts so we only got to see the Blood brothers and AWK, some of my favorites... anywhoo.  It has been confirmed that the person performing at the show that night, on 12.17, was NOT AWK. I am pissed beyond... pissed can be but I dont get it. anyone know about this? its all over his forum, but no ones allowed to talk about it and its kind of scaring me. theres so many different people involved and its weird, weird, weird.  last I heard, AWK has gotten into hard drugs, so he stopping temporarily? I dont know."

Judging from the many different sources, including the press, television, and radio, there could be several sponsors working with or at least supporting Andrew W.K., "Andrew W.K." personally, and the promotion of their music product and entertainment commodity.  It's not unusual for complex political and social favor chains to develop between record corporations and other businesses, especially when those other business are working in a mutually beneficial relationship with one another.  Record companies need the media to promote it's products and the media need record companies and the entertainment business to provide it with content for it's pages, screens, and airwaves.  All of the media, including magazines, newspapers, television networks, and radio programming, are working with (and as part of) the entertainment business.  Over the course of these business dealings, favors are done and support is given.  It's a basic example of "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine", and it's hard to find a facet of any industry which isn't controlled by these types of deeds.  It seems more than likely that Andrew W.K. and "Andrew W.K." have both been involved in some serious promotional endorsements, most likely done to continue the image making and exposure that was designed by both the producers and directors of the Andrew W.K. machine.


It should come as no surprise that Playboy Magazine and have both had a long running relationship with Andrew W.K., Inc. and "Andrew W.K." as an individual.  The match was more than ideal, as Andrew W.K. was able to benefit from further exposure to Playboy's vast readership, and Playboy itself was provided with access to "Andrew W.K." as well as additional Universal Music acts such as Ja Rule and Jay-Z (Jay-Z was featured in the same April 2003 issue alongside "Andrew", most likely as a double endorsement of two Universal artists).  This type of packaging and distributing content is not uncommon for entertainment companies and "Andrew" clearly benefited from the exposure of repeated Playboy appearances. continues to showcase Andrew W.K. in their pages and online here and here.  Playboy even went so far as to include him the Playboy video game.  It's believed that Playboy magazine's editors have been working to build the Andrew W.K. image and at the same time they've worked to support the possible Tom Cruise/Nicole Kidman connection (as discussed earlier), as well as the CAA and "mirrored love relationship". 

In April 2003, Playboy published Volume 50, Issue Number 4, which featured a two page article on "Andrew W.K." and his speaker test.  Right away it's obvious that the article is essentially an advertisement for various speaker companies and "Andrew's" album "The Wolf".  Several of the speaker companies have a history of paid editorial placement as well. 

It wasn't until 2004 that Playboy managed to work the Tom Cruise duality into it's actual pages.  When the February 2004 issue of Playboy hit the stands, the famous "Playmate News" pullout featured "Andrew W.K." choosing his favorite Playmate, the same Heather Carolin that was discussed previously.  Again, this was a decision made with the hopes of supporting the ongoing Nicole Kidman similarity, and perhaps the beginning a desperately arranged media-created courtship.  It was also later rumored that "Andrew" and Heather Carolin had become involved, but this is most likely another attempt to hand-craft the ideal image, and arrange yet another relationship based on the entertainment industry's proven set of ideals.              *Special thanks to "g_man352" for the Playboy scans*
Hello, my name is Ward - welcome to the "Andrew W.K. & Steev Mike Information Page".  I decided to make this website after realizing there was no single reliable source for facts related to "Andrew W.K." and "Steev Mike" .  Like many people, I had been sifting through a grotesque and scattered mountain of information, trying my best to organize all the different elements into a logical frame.  However, this was very difficult, if not impossible to do.  Information on the subject was plentiful but contradictory.  I would come across some new fact or idea, hoping it would provide the elusive key to complete understanding.  However, far too often I would make a counter-discovery; an equally legitiment idea of the opposite nature, which would immediately provide paradox, and effectively eliminate my progress.  Rather than become frustrated, I became facinated, and intensified my determination to absorb all I could about the subject.

My goal is to create a website and database for all the information I've come across.  I've done my best to extract every piece of related material currently woven throughout the world-wide-web.  The information will be displayed and explained with my humble commentary.  For the past two months I've been doing my best to arrange the events in a way which shows the extent of their range, but as we know, this is easier said than done.  Keep in mind, these pages are the beginings of an attempt, and not an end product.  I present this site as a journal of active pursuit.  My desires are lofty, and complete comprehension may continue to escape me, but the most noble attempt is the attempt itself.  Here goes nothing...


"The real history behind Andrew WK and his real origins..."
"Here Goes Nothing..."
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Playboy Magazine, February 2004, Vol. 51, No. 2 - second page of "Playmate News" section.
Playboy Magazine, April 2003, Vol. 50, No. 4 - Pages  126, 127.
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- I've updated the entire site to reflect the most recent ANDREW W.K. album, "Close Calls With Brick Walls", which does, as was predicted, contain credits for Executive Production by "Steev Mike".
- I've also added several additional theories, which were presented to me by three kind contributors (thank you for helping)
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1. The "Andrew W.K." car accident and head trauma (DG).
2. The history of James E. Krier and Bulb Records.
3. Lil Howlin Wolf, James Pobiega, James Harper and others who have claimed to be the real Steev Mike.
4. The December 17, 2004 ANDREW W.K. concert in New Jersey.
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The Origin Of Andrew W.K.
           "Truth is beauty..."
- Head Trauma - D. Gilson - DG - Dave Grohl - Dobie Gillis


My name has been referenced and compared to Andrew W.K. in regards to what I said almost 4 years ago telling the detailed effects of a psychotic episode I have back in 2002.

I was hoping that any people within the Andrew W.K. camp could shed some light on this and why
I am being referenced to this artist? Did we share some similar experience?

"Quite out of control, but probably not as bad as you think

Read the testimonial of Don (last name withheld).... The "AUBS" quote is taken from it almost word for word (I looked for "granger" and "hyper mania").

Except instead of "Andrew WK" it says "The Crucible" and instead of
"Dot" it says his instructor's name... different things have been
changed and deleted...... "


This is where I get confused, did Andrew experience a Bipolar, acute hyper mania experience at some point?

This thread leads to a story about Andrew having an accident and a
news story about Andrew W.K in Car Wreck! - Jan 17th 2004

Andrew W.K. drove head-on into two parked cars while filming an
episode of his new television series Friday (Jan. 16). The full-speed
crash resulted in a three car pile-up. No one in or near the accident
was injured, and Andrew W.K. himself is also unharmed. However, all
three of the cars are completely totalled. Andrew recalls: "I don't
know what happened — it was like a total psychological black out and I
didn't even exist, and then next thing you know, BAM! I completely
smashed up all these cars!" A police report was recorded and Andrew
was sent on his way to continue filming the rest of the T.V. show. No
criminal charges have been filed.

I am wondering if Andrew and I shared a similar experience.

If Andrew has experienced this same thing, We share a common bond that I don't think too many people have experienced before.

I am baffled on why my name would be mentioned and such a huge amount of time talked about this subject on your forum. Until tonight's research I had never heard of Andrew W.K. So, this is just as interesting to me.

I have made a full recovery and hope Andrew has as well. Thank you for your help. I also wrote Andrew himself to see if we could shine some light on this subject. If Andrew has experienced the same thing his life is forever changed.

Of course this message was written well over 4 years ago and I have recovered living somewhere in the Midwest. I also had not heard about Andrew until recently.

I hope that my story has helped others and if Andrew did go through some similiar experiences like this my prayers are with him and his family.

Take some time to read the forum "The Message - a psychotic story of things to come?" it will explain a bunch.

God Bless you all and Andrew as well.

Hello my name is Abbie but people call me AUBE.
Its a common aussie name,
Andy is another term too.
That is much closer.
my AWK experience:

This past February 2005 I started to show affects of acute hyper mania when I was having sensations of God-like experiences and a sense of feeling the best I had felt in years. I started suffering from weird experiences that I had never felt before.

I was still in a acute manic state and felt electric zaps flowing through my body, aggressiveness, nausea, scratching in my head which at the time I thought was the channeling of spirits within my head. I was going downhill very fast but didn’t feel within myself that anything was wrong. I was being closely monitored by my doctors throughout the week of my manic episode and was given information about local psychiatric center if I felt if I was going out of control or loosing reality in anyway. During this time I did not feel like anything was wrong but I kept experiencing these weird physical sensations.

Tremors and depression started to hit fast and I started to hear voices within my head. These are voices I thought I was hearing were the scratching in my head. I interpreted my thoughts along with the scratching in my head as demons and/or spirits. I was clearly loosing reality. In addition I had isolated myself within my home and was suffering from major insomnia but did not feel tired at all. I started studying things on the net, which all kinds of information started to become my reality.

At this time I was also involved as an actor for a rock and roll show called "Andrew WK" which dealt with the analagie of corporate rock and I could remember including this type of reality into my psychosis that I was starting to head into. It was a Sunday afternoon and I had awoke very delusional and was having major electrical zaps and this harsh scratching sound within my head. I felt as though I was having major religious experiences and hearing voices within my head. My body started to become very hot and clammy. I was now unaware of the severe psychosis I was entering.

I started doing things that I never would have done before in my life. I felt as though my psychosis reality was for real. That everything I thought I was hearing within my head. These scratching sounds were leading me towards a violent rage. I was truly not my fun loving and outgoing self. I started to head to my shows in very delusional states. I felt at this time all my answers to what was happening would be there at my show thru the fans. But I also remember thinking that if they wernt there that I was completely crazy but continued to feel as though everything that was happening was for real and that I didn’t need any type of help.

I proceeded to the showl and the first person I immediately came into contact with was my fan Dot. From her deposition in this matter she had said that I looked delusional, sweating, and my eyes where red and glazed over. Almost thinking that I was on some sort of drug but I was not. I was suffering from an acute mania and severe withdrawal symptoms from the drug of performing for 4 years solid. We speculate that the dtouring interactions had sent me into this state of altered reality and into a acute hyper mania. I started acting very violent in front of my band mates who started to fear for their life and my own. I can not recall the majority of what happened during these many episodes and what I do recall is very blurry.

The information of violence was noted in a a few interveiws. When Big Daddt was able to calm me and send me on my way saying I needed to go on the bus and rest. I started having feelings of delusions of granger. I didn’t understand what was happening to me so I got in our rented car with the film crew (we were shoot YFAWK) and started driving recklessly throughout the parking lots of the club almost hitting two fans that were walking through the parking lot. I headed north on towards central park and thinking I was some sort of race car driver in my head. The scratching sounds were getting more intense and I was interpreting them as spirits talking to me. When I finally arrived at the time square I was driving my car recklessly again whipping cookies and finally hitting a row of parked cars, which lead to having one wheel completely fly off of my vehicle.

From witness testimony I continued to try and drive the car until it was unable to drive any further. I was now in a complete psychosis and altar reality screaming that aliens and the devil were after me. I came towards a civilian to ask for help and he thought that I was some psycho on drugs and hit me in the face knocking me down to the ground and began kicking me in the face and stomach causing severe bruising. It took several citizens to hold me down because I started to go into a violent rage when finally the police came to take over and calm me down. I was speaking delusional and was unable to keep a focused conversation with officers. The immediate cuffed me and through me into a squad car and transported me to the police station for further observation.

I was then asked to take a breathalyzer and kept saying the devil was inside my head. Having complete outburst of violence which lead to police officers restraining me and throwing me down onto the ground in major holds which ultimately irritated a leg injury that I had suffered a few months back from a falling off a stage. Since I did not cooperate with police officers I was thrown into an isolation tank for approx. 6 days. This is where I suffered some of the most major side effects from human contact withdrawal to date. Since they had no history and were unable to communicate with me cause of my psychosis they were unable to know what kind of person i was. i was a dirty white clothed long haired maniac.

I can remember having major hallucinations, seizure type symptoms, violent rages, MAJOR insomnia I did not sleep the whole time I was in jail .

I can remember trying to focus my mind and trying to be normal again but the anti-psychotic drugs they had placed me on turned my mind to Jell-O. I was still having violent outbreaks, seizure type symptoms, electric zaps, vertigo, insomnia, and increased appetite. I was scheduled for a MRI and psyche evaluation at a latter date, which later came up to be negative.

When I was finally release from touring obligations I was not given any kind of medication of any sort and was sent on my way without a dime to my name and no medical follow-up. Thats the record buisness for ya! I started suffering at my home from touring withdrawal and still was unable to sleep, had incredible tremors and felt as though I was worthless. It was a very sad outcome to all of this. I had felt that everyone had let me down. Especially my fans .

.......It makes no sense? She/he said her name is Abbie (called AUBE which remonds me of AUBREY [AUBS]..jus coz da name..) and he/she is trying to say he is Andrew W.K.?!



Who ever that person is a complete liar. I said this way back in 2002

I wrote this back on Saturday July 27th 2002 when I was searching for legal council on this matter. Interesting that someone would use my story for there own personal reasons. This is kind of messed up. I would be interested in confronting this person and asking how the demons in the head feel. LOL.

I also have a manifisto that I have been thinking about publishing in regards to my case. I would more than be happy to send you both a copy of this. It really details the horrors I went through along with the a story that I wrote by channeling spirits through automatic writing called "The Message"

Here is an exert from my automatic writing that closely ties to my story. I can send you the full version if you would like.

You will not have to worry for once we get the message out that good things are about to happen. We need to prepare you for your journey to the press with all the evidence needed to make a clear assumption that you are experiencing something from a Higher Power. My son, Donny is not crazy for he is just blessed with a gift to speak to the Spirit World just like everyone of you is if you just allow yourself to believe. How can the Lane County Mental Heath Hospital label you as crazy when they have spirits all over there walls. Do they not believe in the spirit world? So if a man goes through a psychotic episode even though he has never had one before he is labeled as a Loony tune. You don’t understand a thing about psychology and what the Spirit World has to do with it all. Look to my son’s grades, medical history, tear him apart he does not mind. The evidence will be crystal clear.

We have people on the inside that will attend to the powers my son brought to from the jail cell. Only special people remember the old pair of keys to unlock the blue door. You will go back there one of these days with the media showing all that you went through. You also will need the code name to get in. You were always communicating with me. Your telepathy was so strong in jail you could reach past the universe and speak to the Gods throughout the galaxies. Disney spirit is right here in Oregon. No wonder why we have Donald Duck on the letterhead with thumbs up and having him call on the envelopes. This is a message from our prophet Donald to call for us and give us the thumbs up when all is going well. No another coincidence that Donald is screaming loudly out of the Letter O. Pay mind to this idea or the words I have written thus far not meant anything. Think of time travel.

This is one of my son’s Donny. You treat him well and he will give you all the information that we need to make a more Civilized Government. If you don’t straighten this mess up by the year of our Lord 2012 I will send all of my angels down to cast upon you the wrath of our all mighty God. The dark ages will appear Dragon’s and Dinosaurs will rule the earth once again you will be living in fear. I am the fantasy woman (Mary) and I play any game that I wish. The game I will play with you Devil is nothing to what you have played before."

If you would like to read the full story the Message I could post it our send you a private link. I must warn you some of the information outlined in this is very troubling. I look back at this chaos now and really don't quite know what to make of it. But I tell you we should all write a book about it LOL.

Talk soon


Ok, I am kind of getting weired out by all of this I saw a mention about Reptilian's in this thread. In my story the "Message" I mention something about the Reptilian Government's. I have take a piece of the manifesto and posted it below...

A exert from "The Message" I channeled this through automatic writing in the fall of 2001 a month after 9/11

Cause if you don’t the shadows will take over. All will become a Reptilian Government and you will too scared to even go out at night. For the Boogie Men will be on your doorstep. Please be careful and be weary on who you let into your doorways. Follow the right path that one of honesty and glory. Preach the gospel if you do something wrong. Just say your sorry to God and God will forgive you. But don’t let me judge you harder than man could. The death penalty is something man created. Watch out for your government they are not in your best interest. We love you and hope you can all cope until the day of judgement the year of our lord 2012.

What does all of this mean? Is there a connection to my writings and Andrew WK??? Could my writings actually be something other than fiction? I have over the past 4 years pushed my episode off as a fluke in my life. It meant nothing and I lost control of my mind. Now, I read these threads and I am wondering what it all means again.

Who are these people that are writting? Who is Andrew WK? Why is there so much written about this? And why has this become such a huge subject in this circle? I am so confused right now. Any light that can be shed on this would help me better understand the begginings and ends of all of this.

I am blown away right now..Can anyone explain the reference of Reptilians in these threads? My understanding is that this is a army of reptilian soldiers that live in Middle Earth.

Does the word "TELOS" mean anything to anyone??


In fact the orginal title of this article was "Things don't appear as they seem", I changed the title because this discussion was starting to make me go "HMMM"..I did write a manifesto in regards to The Hollow Earth, Shadow Goverments, and conversations with God. This happened during my break down that one of your forum readers copied and used as one of their experiences.

Here is also so more from "The Message" which speaks about (underground civilizations, end of the world and man-kind)

The Hollow earth theory is true look upon your statue of Buddha. The bowl you will see a crust and a center. What you see is the earth’s inner son the earth was made round from a half sphere. Tall trees were sprouted and huge mountain ranges are within the Inner Earth. This protected them from the heat of both the inner and outer suns. As the earth slowly closed, I made an exit at both poles for my friends within the Hollow Earth. So, that they may always be able to leave Mother Earth whenever they wanted to. Your governments will never find them because I have covered them up ever so masterfully. To be told there is no God is a pathetic lie and you surface Reptilians listened to everything those greedy monsters told you.

Admiral Byrd’s Theory is for real. We have an opening at the north and south poles. We have covered it so very well with our cloud like formations and our stealth protector shield. You will never find us until we want to let you know we are for real. Were do you think the UFO’s come from outer space? Look deeper than that they are right underneath your noses within the Hollow Earth and the Underground Cities. When we are ready to give you this wonderful technology the earth will be saved. Because all who believe in what I have to say will be taken by star ships to different edges of the galaxy sooner than you think.

I promise to bring back the dark ages again. Even more powerful this time around. It will be a place not to be when I come to make judgement on you all. I have my new messenger who will carry my word. Look to him for advice and counseling. He will be your Light Worker. He will make sure along with his other Maji Knights that all are taken care of and tapped in to the telepathy that each and every one of you has. All you have to do is pray to me or write down some words calling out my name. Jesus Christ my Savior and I will protect you from God’s wrath. Be warned God is very unhappy with the Reptilian forces that have ruled the surface for so long. We need to focus on love. Even the Reptilians are being played by the Shadows. The Shadows are ultimate evil and we need to protect you from these Demons and cast them out.

God loves you all and worships you as his creation; however, you seem to disappoint God when you get to this greedy stage in your lives. I know you will reach out and share your wealth help this child along with other children and adults in need. Help the homeless get better shelters. Cut back on your military spending. You should make love not war. I will be the judge of any nation that uses warfare against another nation.

I am on a peace keeping mission from God. This is Saint John listen to my prayer we mean you no harm we love you all. But we must clean the earth and make her beautiful once again. For I will give you this warning that the year 2012 is the End of Days.

Interesting thought..could this possibly be true? Time for discussion..thoughts are getting deeper...


This was a reflection of my thoughts after the accident happened.....Not this fake who said he was in the show Andrew WK. I am sharing this to start a discussion on a unique bond that Andrew and I share. Has he gone through a similar out of mind experience? This is for you to judge. Please read below a caption from a manifesto entitled "The Message"

Caption start:

Through a series of automatic writing sessions that I have had over the past few weeks. I have been able to channel spirits from beyond the realm of what we would call present day reality; however, this message I relay is that of the Almighty God. Some may consider my comments, others will embrace this message with open arms. Some will just pass this all off as crazy fantasy and fiction. The rest of you will just deem me psychotic. The choice is yours to determine. However, I trust by the time you have read all the evidence throughout this paper you can only be one conclusion."

to be continued.....


Dear Everyone,
I had no idea what was waiting... I got back to my room, I noticed I had changed, oh no... already I didn't like the sound of that. I immediately went and looked. Right away I noticed that there were something messed up I knew something was weird in the section. Then I sank into my stomach... I knew it. You always imagine you.
I am this. The me. I can't believe me. Anyway, soon I started finding them. (By the way, my manager showed me and I'm very impressed). I spoke and the long process of forming cleared everything out. Jeez... I just can't believe this actually happened. I can't believe I'm here. I can't believe it. This whole Steev Mike thing - I can't even begin...
Right now we have solidified. We are the company. This was it's insides. That's the only way to the systems. However, there is a small part that thinks it could be someone undisclosed in privacy. I can't even imagine this, but I have. I'm just a witness. You shouldn't see any of this. I talk about blackmail.
PLEASE DON'T BELIEVE STEEV MIKE. I USED TO CALL MYSELF STEEV MIKE A LONG TIME AGO AND IT'S NOTHING NOW. Someone is trying to confuse you and make me look bad. Like a relationship gone bad. Someone is pretending to be me and this Steev Mike guy. I don't understand why people are close. I KNOW YOU'RE READING THIS: WHOEVER YOU ARE, WE'LL FIND YOU. I've made the following decisions: I've now completely removed myself. The music is all that matters for all of us, and that's what I am. I have the best feelings about all of it because I know that it's right. We're stronger now more than ever and it's only because of one thing. We're still going... loooooong gone.
Andrew W.K.

Dear AWK.World:
"Hey! A lot of people don't seem to think that was Andrew W.K. at the NJ show! I am one of them. What is going on Kristine?
asked by AFIwolf on Sunday, December 19, 2004

Dear AFIwolf, Imagine my surprise this quiet Sunday morning! When I sat down in the office and saw 87 new emails and a whopping 403 new questions in the database, my jaw dropped! 403 new questions in one day? WOW. Well, it didn't take me long to see that all of these people were asking more or less the same quetion: "What happened with Andrew W.K. in New Jersey?" and "Where is Andrew?" Many different people wrote in asking, "Why was Andrew so weird?" Another fan wrote in: "The show in New Jersey was the best I've ever been to, but what happened with A.W.K. at the end?" I want to start by saying that I personally thought the concert was tremendous. December 17th, 2004 will always be a date I remember with pride. It was a milestone marker for the future of ANDREW W.K. We all felt great seeing a sold out crowd full of such passionate A.W.K. fans! To answer all of your questions: There's been a lot of confusion regarding this New Jersey concert. People have been especially curious about where Andrew went after the show and whether or not it was in fact Andrew himself on the stage. Well, please let me be the first to tell you that you can all take a deep breath and relax! Please calm down. It was a spectacular concert, everything went over very well and the night was a success! We should all feel great about the show. Many of you did mention some strange unexplained moments during the evening, mainly due to the stopping of the show early, before the band could finish the intended set, and how Andrew was moving. This was due to a small problem with people in the backstage. Everything was taken care of smoothly and everyone made it out in one piece! At the end of the show we moved at the same time as they worked with the equipment and finished it up perfectly! We just want people to know that it went over very well. At this point all we can do is look at the information we've been collecting and continue with our research into the facts. We will not respond to false accusations, nor will we be threatened by those who choose deception over fairness. I'm never dissapointed with a good A.W.K. show! Thanks to the whole East Coast Crew and everyone who traveled for making this the turning point (without a hitch)! When it's time to party we all will party hard! PARTY HARD! The show was perfect and that's all that matters. LONG LIVE THE PARTY!"

Yo Kristine [AWK webmaster], Where the heck is Andrew? We don't want to hear from you, we want to hear from Mr. W.K. himself. Notice how the previous email started with "Dear Andrew." I don't know if you reading it is legal, but it's still stupid. Bring back Andrew W.K.!
asked by ratto on Friday, December 17, 2004

Dear Ratto, Thank you for writing to me. I must admit, I feel slightly uneasy trying to explain to you where Andrew is, and let me also state for the record, that I am in no way trying to fill in for Andrew. I am simply here to answer questions - one at a time, on a moment by moment basis. Tonight will be the last Andrew K.W. concert of 2004! We trust that the fans will come out in full-force and raise the bar higher than ever. This is our last chance to build a night of never-ending excitement! Sold-out in New Jersey! I wish I could be there! As Andrew himself has stated, he will always be there, you just might not see him. Assumptions are once again at the mercy of possibilty. Standards are suddenly stripped and elevated. Precepts and formalities no longer conceal the limitless possibility that's always been there, and no longer will anticipated procedure shatter expectations, or limit the endless variations of outcome that can be experienced now. Things which have become familiar are now anomalous. Due to the current circumstances, we still don't know who's causing this. We do have very clear ideas how to continue our research. The most important thing is this: Andrew W.K. is hard at work on the third album. The recording is well underway, with close to 10 songs already in the midst of the recording process. Andrew has been recording and writing at The Hit Factory in New York City, working with Mario Dane from Louise Harland. You must know that Andrew is NOT moving away - because he's already gone - which means he's actually closer to you than ever before. Remember, no sign is a good sign, and that still remains the case. The most important part of this will remain and flourish like never before. It's possible that your theories of comfort will be shattered in the ultimate liberation of understanding, but just when we feel we have no grasp, we'll realize we've been holding on to the most solid structure the entire time. There is NO reason for this to happen... except that it is. Accept that it is and enjoy yourself. As always, your pleasure remains the priority. Sincerely, Kristine Williams

The "Real Story" Theory -
Andrew WK and about three other people have been planning all of this for a long, long time. I grew up with Andrew in the crazy marajuana-smoking town Ann Arbor, Michigan - home of the hash bash, the white panthers, and their wor ld famous (and now defunct) $5 fine for smoking pot in public. I also knew Andrew when he was living in the smaller (and creepier) town called Ypsilanti, whichI have heard about Andrew suffering from 2 blackouts, long before any of this nonsense was around.
Also when he played a show in my area, he collapsed after it ended. When I had asked him what happened, he said it was some kind of physical exertion. was when I started learning more about Andrew. He had gone to this special high school for weird and messed up bad kids called Community High School. I didn't go there, but I first met Andrew during this time. We were both going to a weekend acting class and I met him when we had to pair up and rehearse a scene.

Anyway I won't get into irrelevant details, but the fact is, Andrew and a few other people have been planning ALL of this for a long time. From years and years even before I GET WET came out. None of it is related to advertising or new albums or anything else. It's actually a lot more complicated than that and it goes way beyond one particular time or idea.

The other three people that he's always worked with are all adults much older than him (by the way, Andrew's real age isn't 26 or 27). I don't know exactly how he met these other three, but I think it was through his Dad somehow as they were all involved in academics (probably from University of Michigan). One day in the acting class the teacher had us all stand up and talk about what are dreams for the future were. Most of the kids said "To be a famous actor", one other girl said "To be a star on Broadway", and I said "To make movies". Andrew went last and stood up and said, very slowly, "I want to craft my own non-existence." The teacher asked him what he meant and said "Exactly what I said." The teacher was clearly annoyed and the whole class rolled it's eyes because Andrew was always saying weird stuff that made no sense. I thought what he said sounded cool though, so after class, while we were walking to our cars, I asked Andrew how he was going to craft his own non-existence). I don't remember what he said word for word, but essentially he said, "First I'm going to make myself undeniably exist as a recognizable and identifiable form, and then I'm going to spend the rest of my life working to eliminate it and prove that it's existence was an impossible illusion all along, but because people have already seen it they will experience the sensation equal to maximum pleasure." It was something like that, obviously some of what he said was different, but that's essentially what he told me. I remember it well because it made a huge impact on me and I've thought about it a lot since.

This was back in 1994 and after the acting class ended, I didn't see much of Andrew for the next 5 years. But in '99 I heard rumors that he had been working hard with those other three people, on some sort of big plan to make music and build this whole huge thing. So, I guess that's what all this is. And it seems to me like it's just going to keep on going. Andrew did all the mainstream stuff with these other corporate people, so that he would get popular and make people think that he's this simple minded, nice guy party dude. Then once it was established, he could go crazy and make himself "not exist" or something similar. We are in the middle of this and that's why it seems so confusing, but if you look at it from the start, and know about who Andrew really is, then this all makes perfect sense.

The original STEEV MIKE 45 from 1992 - Figure 24
In 2005, rock 'n' roll and heavy metal musician "Andrew WK", abruptly stopped writing music, releasing records and touring. Claiming to have a new perspective on what makes people truly happy, Andrew WK (AWK) announced that he decided to put his music on hiatus to pursue a career as a motivational self-help speaker and is currently traveling around the country to lecture to people on the subject of personal happiness and fulfillment. Why would Andrew suddenly give up a successful career in music to do something as inexplicable as hitting the road as a new-age, self-help magus?

One of the most probable reasons behind this drastic career change is an elusive figure named “Steev Mike” who, after a controversial Andrew WK concert in New Jersey in December 2004, has been threatening AWK’s professional career by flooding the public with cryptic, hostile blackmail-like information about Andrew's past - threatening to reveal top secret information about Andrew WK being a hired actor, and simply a pawn in a larger scheme, controlled by a group of behind-the-scenes managers, including his own father, Professor James E. Krier. One rumor has it that Prof. Krier (or “Steev Mike”), is AWK’s creator, but was only been credited as a creative source on AWK’s first album, “I Get Wet.” Apparently something went amiss with the relationship, and Steev Mike wasn't credited on Andrew's 2nd album, "The Wolf", which was radical depature in music and image from the hedonistic and shocking "I Get Wet". It was immediately after the release of this album that Andrew WK began to experience personal troubles.  Since then, Steev Mike has become somewhat of an urban legend. 

There are very few traceable records of Mike, one being an early 2000 article entitled “Steve Mike” that alledgedly ran in the UK underground magazine “Dazed and Confused with AWK’s picture in it. There was no mention of Andrew WK in the article, which made it seem as though AWK actually was Steev Mike. Unsurprisingly, this issue of Dazed & Confused has become increasingly difficult to find, and Andrew WK himself has been accused of trying to buy up all existing copies and suppress the information in the article. Another reference to Steev Mike is found on an album by a band called Couch that was distributed through Bulb Records. Only 25 copies of the album were produced, but what’s interesting is that Bulb Records was run by James’ Krier who happens to be AWK’s father. Six years later, Bulb records released AWK’s first demo, “Room to Breathe.” 

At the December 18, 2004 concert in Elizabeth, New Jersey, audience members and security staff claim that the person singing on stage in AWK's signature white outfit wasn't actually Andrew WK, but someone dressed as him, and filling his place as a front man. Less than half way through the set, this "Andrew WK" suddenly left the stage, and the rest of the show was canceled, causing quite an uproar. Radio sponsor, WSOU, was also confused and angered, as they tried to figure out what exactly happened. A wave of phone calls flooded the station, with people asking, "What happend at the Andrew WK show?  Who was that person on stage?, etc."  There were never official answers to most of these questions, but the Andrew Wk camp scrambled to try and handle the uproar, and deflect as many of the accusations as possible. A woman named Kristine Williams came forward as a spokesperson for AWK, and said that everything was "fine". This hardly satisfied the public, but the matter was quickly blown over by much more severe events to follow.

Within the first weeks of January, 2005, a full throttle attack was launched against Andrew WK in the form of threatening letters posted and anonymous press releases.  Some say this attack was the work of Steev Mike, others say it was the work of an obsessed and furious fan, who was getting revenge for what happened at the New Jersey show. Aside from, there are several other web sites owned by the corporation Andrew WK Inc. Starting in 2005 through today, may of those sites were hacked by the mysterious Steev Mike, or someone claiming to be him (or her), who encoded strange messages and images in them. The last of the coded messages was released on the site and included the following rather contemptuous charges:

“I’ve been giving [your fans] bits and pieces, hoping that you’d come to your senses and stop trying to squeeze me out. Well, you haven’t responded to my initial request and you’ve forced me to make threats. When you act unprofessional, so will I. Now I have no choice but to let the facts speak for themselves. I never wanted it to come to this, but I can no longer wait in the background and ignore your complete disrespect. Our choice to let you enjoy the spotlight while I create the magic leaves me almost helpless. You will not force me to expose myself until I expose you first…”

The message went on for quite a number of paragraphs, ending with the words “I have no choice but to let the world know you are a backstabbing fraud.”

Shortly after the message was released, AWK cancelled his tour dates and new album recording and announced that he had become a soul-searching motivational speaker, setting up a new lecture series called “The Joy Trilogy”, and driving around Canada in a Cadillac, giving self-help talks in movie theater lobbies.  He even appeared at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin earlier in 2007, lecturing at a sold-out seminar called “Party for Life: Lecture and Discussion About Pure Fun and Total Love.”

Throughout the career of "Andrew WK", starting from the very beginning in 2000, there's been confusion surrounding where he came from, and whether he was a hired actor/front-man, performing music written by the record companies, or a "real person" with real origins.  His mainstream presence was largely considered a construction of the corporate entertainment media.

Due to this confusion and the massive publicity campaign that put Andrew WK on the cover of magazines and on television the world over, there was a considerable backlash through out the world, especially in the UK and Europe, where Andrew became extremely controversial, and his face and album were banned from public display.

Fortunately, things simmered down somewhat in 2002, and by the next year, due largely to 2003's "The Wolf", and it's cleaned up image, the label and Andrew WK's team were able to direct a lot of the accusations away from Andrew and his growing fan base.  Over the next two years, they managed to build up Andrew WK's reputation as a "regular guy next door" with a street credibility campaign, linking him with cutting-edge underground artists and reputable musicians. However, by 2005, several incidents, including the New Jersey concert at the tail end of 2004, caused a great deal of private information to be leaked, and Andrew WK suffered terribly as a result.

Starting in 2006 Andrew WK became more active and seemed to be working on a plan to repair the damage that had been done to his credibility over the past 6 years.  Unfortunately, since then there's been a growing amount of speculation and interest into the Steev Mike legend, and despite an increasing amount of respectable media exposure and public appearances, Andrew WK has yet to set the record straight, and has somehow managed to dodge questions about his past, or insist that people "ignore the lies and the haters" that he says are only trying to make him look like a fraud.

So is Steev Mike the brains behind the AWK brand? Has AWK been bullied out of touring by his resentful creator and some sort of blackmail threat? It is all coincidence or indeed conspiracy?

Decide for yourself. There's a lot of this garbage out there, some of it true and based on facts, and some just complete misinformation.  This site is my effort to explain what happened to Andrew WK, and what's really been happening with Andrew WK from the very beginning.
Since 2005